There will never be quite enough time to enjoy New York to the fullest and to get a full bite of the Big Apple. New York City has fascinated me from first sight, with its glamorous lights, perfectly shaped skylines, and huge green parks. You’re likely to start missing it as soon as you leave!

Whether you stay in New York for days or two months, there will always be new corners to discover on your next visit. But, you can make the most of the city in a short time. Here’s how to spend an ideal 48 hours in New York.

48 Hours in New York City: Your Itinerary, Travel Tips and More:

Day 1

Start your journey at one of the most iconic parks in the world: Central Park. It’s a perfect place to discover the spirit of New York and New Yorkers. Hang out here until lunch time, then grab a classic hot dog from a cart around Central Park.

Next, combine two must-see New York attractions: the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street. Take the well-known Staten Island Ferry (from the Whitehall Terminal), a free 50-minute round trip, from which you get breathtaking views of Wall Street skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty.

Feeling hungry? In New York you can find everything that comes to mind, from tasty Italian pizzas to noodles to classic American burgers. My advice: eat with the locals. If you want to integrate into the New York lifestyle, eat like a New Yorker. Some of the restaurants you might want to dine at include: Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s pizza, enjoy the desserts at Ferrara in Little Italy, and sip on the best coffee outside of Italy at Caffe Reggio near New York University.

Once night’s fallen, make your way to Times Square and absorb the brilliant colors and lights at the “crossroads of the world.” Times Square mill leave you speechless, you’ll feel as if you’re in a movie. It is the perfect place to end your first day in New York City and then get ready to go home and get some rest. You’ll want be ready to enjoy your second (and last) day in the New York City.

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Day 2

Start today with a walking itinerary. The road from Times Square to Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous in the world. Walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and admire the views as you join other walkers and cyclists crossing this iconic bridge. If you’re a lover of photography, you’ll have many chances to use your camera during this walk.

After a long walk, look for a cup of coffee/tea and a light snack. Then, head to 70th floor Top of the Rock, at the Rockefeller Palaza. The New York skyscrapers are mind-blowing, and a visit to New York without taking in the skyline would be incomplete. Top of The Rock has possibly the best 360° views of the city, even better than the One World Trade Center or Empire State Building. Why? Because those two stunning buildings are both visible from The Rock.

Head to Macy’s for some shopping, as no trip to stylish New York would be complete without some retail therapy. Avid shoppers could spend days here, as Macy’s is a vast district full of shops, eating spots and entertainment venues. Finish your fantastic 48 hours in New York here, and be ready to take a bunch of heavy bags back home.

Before you go, make sure to enjoy a famous New York City Bagel at Essa Bagel (my favorite) or Bagels & Schmear (another great one)!

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