7 Reasons To Visit Provence, France

Provence covers the southeastern region of France. Sharing a border with Italy and having access to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, it provides a diverse destination for a vacation. Some tourists hike in the mountains while others indulge themselves at one of the luxury retreats. If this is your first time, discover these seven reasons why you should visit Provence in France this year.

1. Embrace the natural wonders

Provence has a reputation for diversity in both its landscapes and activities. Rent a car and drive along the coast to the famous Calanques. The Calanques consist of a series of islets carved into the coastal rock by the sea. Stop by and follow the trails down the cliffs to hidden coves. Then you can explore the caverns and caves below. As an alternative, tourists can explore the Calanques by boat from either Cassis or Marseille. After the coastal regions, follow the winding roads up into the Alps.

This part of Provence provides a stunning panoramic of the undulating and rugged landscapes. Visit during winter or early spring and find postcard perfect views of snow-capped mountains. Those who come during the summer can follow the dozens of trails and go hiking in some of France’s most beautiful areas.

2. Soak up the sun along the Mediterranean

If you want beaches, head to Provence’s Mediterranean coastline. You can spend the day at the beach relaxing on the sun loungers before exploring the grand towns running alongside the soft sand. Visitors will find several beaches from private stretches to secluded areas to nudist beaches. You can also take the ferry out to some of the islands to have a taste of luxury and a more private experience. Consider visiting St Tropez to enjoy the gorgeous bays and coves. Or check out the vacation rentals with their own stretch of private beach in Nice and Cannes.

In the evening, the towns come alive with bustling restaurants, boisterous bars and a vibrant nightlife. If you’re travelling with children, plan your trip more carefully to avoid unintentionally turning up at the nudist beach or having to pay a fortune at the private ones.

3. Indulge in fine dining and mouth-watering food

Provence has a reputation as being among France’s foodie centres. Unlike Paris’s more formal dining culture, Provence has a healthy mix of high-end restaurants and street food. Get away from the larger towns and cities and head to the villages.

You’ll find lots of specialities including different varieties of cheese and wine produced in the region. If you’re in St Tropez, taste the Tarte Tropezienne dessert. Check out the bouillabaisse fish soup in Marseille. Or buy snacks from vendors along the coastline.

7 Reasons To Visit Provence, France

4. You can try as much wine as you want

This part of France has been producing wine since the Roman times. Many of the grape varieties date their roots back over two thousand years to the height of the Roman Empire. This means you’re tasting the same wine as the emperors did almost two millennia ago. If you want to taste the wine, several tour operators can take you to visit the vineyards and wine cellars.

Otherwise, you could rent a car and plan your own mini-adventure. But the driver will miss out on the wine tasting. Check out some of the vineyards and bring a bottle or two back to enjoy on the balcony of your luxurious vacation rental in the evening.

5. Soak up the history

Pronincia Romana once thrived as a Roman Settlement. And as such, several ruins remain scattered around southeast France. Historians claim that Provence has some of the world’s best preserved Roman ruins including an amphitheatre in Nimes. Equally impressive is the Pont du Gard crossing the Gardon River. This UNESCO-listed aqueduct showcases the remarkable engineering abilities of the early Romans.

Instead of spending your time relaxing on the beach or around the pool, get out and embrace Provence’s rich history. Rent a car, plot the ruins on the map, and visit on a day trip. Or join a tour to get more insight into the history of the region from a local guide.

6. Cruise along the rivers past spectacular scenery

Cruise holidays are on the rise, especially in Provence. Cruises take passengers on a relaxing trip along some of the regions waterways. Some head down the Rhone River through the undulating landscapes. Others navigate the Canal du Midi. Several tour operators offer different packages from half-day trips to multiday adventures.

7. Embrace the luxury and high-level living

It’s no secret that Provence allures the world’s rich and famous. You’ll find opulence everywhere you look from the elegant buildings to the stylish people moving from one café to the next. Throw in all the luxurious rentals along the coastline and resorts that cater to your every need. Spend the morning at the beach before heading to the spa. Later you can indulge in Michelin-star fine dining and go celebrity spotting at the nightclubs.

But it’s also family-friendly at the same time. You’ll see a wide range of people enjoying their luxury vacation. Embrace the opportunity and seize the moment to give yourself that getaway that you deserve.

Why you should visit Provence, France

Coastlines, mountains and wine-producing regions combined with excellent food, luxury and history. You can soak up the picturesque views one minute and explore ancient Roman ruins the next. Throw in the vibrant nightlife, family-friendly nature and all the other wonderful things this region offers. So, start planning your dream getaway today. You won’t regret it.