If you’ve traveled to Singapore, or have read something about it, you probably noticed that most people only talk about the Marina Bay Sand, shopping malls along Orchard Road, or one of the rooftop bars. Yes, Singapore has numerous popular areas and beautiful sites. But, there is another side of Singapore that you probably don’t know about.

If you’re interested in exploring Singapore, beyond the malls and tourist spots, there is much for you to see. You’ll be amazed to see that Singapore has another side to it. Here are a few places you’ll want to visit to discover the other side of Singapore.

Heritage Sites in Singapore

The island has numerous heritage sites you’ll want to visit during your trip. Some are busy with tourists — but others are mostly visited by locals, and off-the-beaten-path. They all have a rich history. I recommend visiting as many as you can, including the National Museum of Singapore, the Asian Civilizations Museum, and the Chinese Heritage center.

Visit the Rain Forests

Many travelers visit wild animals at the Singapore Zoo. But little is known (to tourists) about areas like the Butik Timah Nature reserve and Mt. Faber forests. These (and many other jungles) will raise your adrenaline, especially while exploring a nature trail. You’ll want to take guide who will help in navigate the trails — especially the paths deep into the jungle.

The Wet Markets

Singapore has many wet markets where locals shop for fresh products. They’re cheap, well organized, but not as classy as grocery shops in the shopping malls. After getting your employment visa with the One Visa agency firm, this is one of the areas you’ll want to explore. Locals and expats visit the markets to shop as well as for business.

Singapore Farms

It is rare to find tourists who are interested in visiting farms in Singapore. In fact, one would wonder if the island has any farms at all. Have you ever wondered where the fresh foods in the grocery shops and store shelves come from? Well, the country has many farms, and some have embraced the best technology available.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the local plants. 

Visit Local Villages

To learn about the locals of Singapore, it is crucial to plan a tour into the remote areas of the country. Singporeans are welcoming. They’ll be happy to share their history and culture with you. 

It is interesting to see the other side of life in Singapore. Whether you are there for a business trip, employment, or vacation, you’ll want to go off-the-beaten path and see the real Singapore. You wont regret it. Enjoy your trip!

Another Side of Singapore: All You Need to Know