We can’t wait to read about your travel experiences! Below are guidelines to follow when submitting your article:

Content Guidelines

    • Articles are 600-900 words.
    • Tell us the story that you want to tell: What was most meaningful to you? What do you wish you knew before your travels? What would you like to share with other women travelers?
    • Give us some background information: Who are you? Where’d you go? What brought you there? What were you up to?
    • Be sure to include: personal anecdotes, tips, insights, and practical information to bring your travels to life for other women travelers. The more specific you can be, the better!
    • Opt for first-person narrative over second person narrative. We want to hear why you chose to do what you did, and not what you think others should do.
    • Transliterate and translate foreign phrases.
    • Use correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.
    • If you mention any places, be sure to include links to their websites.

Recommended article topics include: Why you chose to travel to your destination; The experience of working/volunteering/traveling in your destination; Things never to say in your destination; Dealing with health concerns; Tips for staying safe; Nightlife in your destination; Dating in your destination; Women’s rights and perception of foreign women; Experiences with local men; How to spend 48 hours in your destination

Articles will be moderated in accordance with these guidelines and may be checked for spelling and grammar. Your article will be published within 3-10 days. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email [email protected].