Spain has beautiful weather, iconic sites and a stunning coastline — the allure is hard to beat. With plenty of amazing places to stay in Spain, there are lots of activities you can fill your days with; from snorkelling, to taking a walking tour, to learning about Spain’s history. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or as a couple, here are the four best boat tours to sign up for in Spain.


Whether you’re making the trip to Ibiza for the notorious nightlife, to relax on the white sand beaches or to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Dalt Vila; it’s an an extraordinary destination to visit all year around. One of the best ways to take in the magic of the White Isle is to tour the coast by boat.

With rugged coves, scaling cliffs and iconic sunsets along the west coast by Cafe Mambo; Ibiza is a destination like no other. Just ask someone who’s been there what their trip was like, and you’ll see the excitement in their eyes. Jump from a boat into the crystal clear water and enjoy swimming in Ibiza. Whether you want to sail through the waves on a yacht or catamaran; during sunset or in the afternoon sun, there are plenty of tours to join.

Catamaran in Marbella

With Michelin star restaurants, fantastic shopping opportunities and a town that’s oozing in glamour; Marbella is a playground of gleaming yachts, beautiful beaches and the famous Golden Mile. Yes, it’s Spain Heaven. Set your sights on a private sailing tour around the lavish resort of Marbella. Here you can play up to the life of luxury and rent a private boat.

Step off onto secret sandy bays, visit traditional towns along the coast and dive into the warming waters of the Costa del Sol. If there is not enough of you to fill a charter, join onto a sailing trip. From wildlife spotting to fishing and sightseeing, enjoy it all from the Marbella coast.

Exploring the Seas: 4 Boat Tours to Try Around Spain


On the volcanic island, lounge on black sand beaches and enjoy fresh food on the shoreline. Tenerife is a great family-friendly destination. To see something spectacular, take to the blue Canarias waters and zoom through the waves on a speedboat in search of wild whales and dolphins. In Tenerife, you could choose a tour that supports the conservation of the area.

This way you’ll know your booking fee will help protect the marine life and their natural environment. Climb aboard an ecological catamaran for an exciting sailing excursion, or opt for something more luxurious with under the sea panoramic windows where you can see the fish swim by. Wild Bottlenose dolphins and Pilot whales have been known to habitat off the coast of Tenerife.


One of the most popular destinations in the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, is a picturesque paradise for families, couples and friends alike. A popular tour you can take is around the natural volcanic, Lobos Island. This is a real peaceful setting with spectacular sights of the La Caldera mountains, Lanzarote and the turquoise waters of La Concha Beach.

Swap the boat for a kayak and explore the rugged coves and caves up close on Lobos National Park. If you’re feeling adventurous, jump into the water to snorkel. The waters there are exceptionally clear with a wealth of opportunities to spot fish and stingrays and sometimes, even loggerhead turtles.

Explore the beautiful sights of Spain on one of these boat tours. Have we missed one? Comment below and let us know your favourite!

Exploring the Seas: 4 Boat Tours to Try Around Spain