How to Avoid a Car Hire Horror Story Abroad

There’s a lot that goes into planning any trip, be that a romantic getaway, a solo adventure or a big group holiday; if you’re taking the lead with the planning for your next break away you have a lot to think about.

One aspect of your trip that might not feel like a priority is your car hire – your flights, accommodation and all the fun activities usually end up ranking higher on your to-do list, but it can be easier than you might think to get caught out while hiring a car abroad due to all sorts of local laws, rules and regulations, not to mention the potential pitfalls and scams that come part and parcel with car hire!

A bit of research and some time spent planning this part of your trip too could really help avoid any potential horror stories. I found this helpful infographic, below, from the experts over at and it has some great advice to get you started.

Get ahead of any potential problems that could leave you out of pocket or even stranded and arm yourself with these useful hints and tips that you might not have thought of otherwise to give you a head start with planning effectively and keep those potential headaches at bay.