Most of us daydream about getting on a plane and travelling for months. Very few of us can afford such luxuries or have the determination and courage to pursue such a passion. But a small group of people have figured out something the rest of us haven’t; how to get paid travelling.

These set of people have developed strategies that’ll allow them make enough money to finance their crazy travel dreams and adventures. In this article, we’ll be looking at some tips that’ll help you set up alternative sources of income that can finance your aspirations of being a traveller.

Three Ways to Make Money Travelling

1. Start a Travel Blog

Start up a travel blog and share your experiences and discoveries with other. People love to hear travel stories especially the ones that are funny and unique. You can dedicate an hour each day to put up a blog entry, and upload an image of you having a blast at your vacation spot. Here are some steps to help you set up a blog:

  • Sign up for a web hosting package
  • Activate WordPress
  • Add a theme
  • Add plugins
  • Add content
  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Submit your blog to directories

What can you talk about on your blog? Well you can share personal experiences, funny stories, tell people of the local customs and beliefs, share food recommendations and information about accommodation. Read up on other traveller’s blog to give you an idea, but developing your own style is more important.

2. Become a Travel Freelance Writer

You can reach out to a wider audience by writing for other sites. In addition to increasing the traffic for your blog, you’ll also get paid. You can earn from $10 to $25 for a single article. Here is a list of some sites that pay for submissions:


So if you write one article per day, which is relatively easy work, you could earn anything from $100 to $250 monthly.

3. Get Work on A Cruise Ship

Another way to earn money travelling is to look for work on a cruise ship. You’ll probably have to sign a 3 – 6 month contract but by the time your contract is over, you should have a few thousand dollars.

And you’d have travelled to all sorts of exotic destinations for free without having to pay for rent. This option will definitely not feel like a vacation as you’ll have to live in a tight space with someone you might not get along with and you’ll also have to work long hours.

On a lighter note, you can just get off somewhere in South America and backpack for a few months till you run out of money. Then you can reapply for a position on another cruise ship and repeat the process. Here are some reputable cruise lines you may want to apply for:

  • Carnival Cruises
  • Princess Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Disney Cruise Line


There are lots of innovative ways that’ll allow you make money while travelling so why stay at home and endure a miserable job? For more ideas on travel and finances, visit