If you asked most smokers right now that if they gave up the habit for a vacation around the world, almost all of them would take it. However, what if I told you that one could feed the other?

Although it seems like a daunting task to most, quitting smoking doesn’t have to be nearly as bad as you might imagine. With a focus on making fitness a lifetime goal, giving up smoking with the reward of traveling is a win-win all around. And with all the money you’ll save getting healthier, those funds can be put towards an experience you’ll never forget. Here’s how.

Use Something Smokeless

A smokeless alternative is where it’s at if you’re trying to quit. Not only do they help in easing the process of getting rid of the physical act of smoking, but don’t suffocate you with all that smoke, leaving you starting the healing process much quicker than previously before. One of our favorites is Black Buffalo (https://blackbuffalo.com/), which is a great tobacco-free solution that doesn’t involve inhaling anything. Plus, they won’t cost you nearly as smoking in the long-run.

Pick The Place (or Places) You’re Going

After you’ve established what smokeless tools you’re going to use for cessation, it’s time to start thinking about the places you want to travel to, as well as how much they’ll cost. By completely quitting smoking, your savings could go up into the thousands, and as such, give you a pretty sizeable budget to work with on your vacation. Starting out, it’s a great motivation, which is why it’s also equally as important to come up with a financial plan.

Create A Financial Plan

With a rough idea of where you’re going to go, it’s smart to start planning out the nuts and bolts of your financial plan. This includes mapping out travel, food, lodging, entertainment, and incidentals, as well as how much you need to save each month to get there.

Remember, it’s better to be honest with yourself about how much you genuinely want to spend rather than trying to go completely frugal. As this is an experience of treating yourself, don’t hold back on this being a celebration of quitting cigarettes, a significant milestone in any nonsmokers’ life.

Find Alternative Activities To Spend Your Time On

Leading up to your trip, it’s important to find alternative activities that you can sink your teeth into. Not only will this help you save additional money (outside of what you’re already saving from stopping smoking), but you’ll also start to find new, healthier activities that replace the time you’d spend smoking.

Whether it’s going for a morning run or sitting down for an evening read, the money you’ll save as opposed to other sources of entertainment will add up for your trip, as well as give you the peace of mind post-smoking.

Hang Out With Nonsmoker Friends

Although it can sound harsh, hanging out with your friends that don’t smoke might have to be your only option for a bit. Even if you feel like you have the willpower around cigarettes, it’s good to start seeing how others spend their time that don’t smoke, especially those who might have extended interests or an active lifestyle.

That’s not to say you can never hang out with smokers again, but rather right off the bat it’s a little easier to adjust accordingly to developing a new lifestyle.

Choose A Challenging Activity On Vacation

A part of celebrating your cessation should be taking your health to new heights. Often when people make big changes like quitting smoking or drinking, they take on activities like running, climbing, or any array of challenging activities.

It’s with this newfound sense of freedom that they start rebuilding their health, as well as develop into a new person. For this reason, see if there’s something active or challenging you’re looking to take on while on this vacation, giving yourself a new bar to set when you get back home.

Enjoy Your Nonsmoker Self

Finally, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is to simply enjoy being a nonsmoker. Quitting smoking for good can be something that a lot of people have a hard time visualizing the lifetime of, eventually caving as they feel as though they’ve only been depriving themselves of what they really want. Instead, look at this as a new chapter in your life, especially as one that is building towards your best self. That all starts by taking the initiative to book this trip.