How Traveling to Oceania Can Change Your View on Life

Oceania is the collective name for many of the island nations of the South Pacific. Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Micronesia are just a few. You also have the larger countries like New Zealand and Australia within this region of the world.

Because of their locations close to the equator, these areas tend to be tropical paradises; and because they are surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean, they are relatively isolated. Both of these factors make the islands of Oceania terrific places to visit.

There is so much to see and do in this area of the world. There are a number of languages and cultures to experience, customs so different from the ones we know they seem wonderful and alien to us at the same time. The sights and sounds are ones that we could never have imagined having been raised in our homelands.

The emotions we get from places like these can only be appreciated when we step out of our norm and step into the isolated beauty and tranquility of Oceania.

If we just focus on two areas of this region – Australia and New Zealand – then we will be able to focus on the wonders that this world still has to offer. We will begin to understand life has more purpose than working 40 to 80 hours a week. Visiting either of these places will cause you to crave a new life, one in which you can fully appreciate.


New Zealand

New Zealand is not just one land, it is a country comprised of two main islands: the North Island and the South Island. Each one is home to some amazing sites that will leave you speechless. Each one will allow you to experience the natural world in all of its splendor, but also provide you with some cultural encounters that are somewhat familiar with a flair of the indigenous customs.

Te Anau

This region of the country’s South Island is packed full of wonders. Here, you will get to hike or cycle around the green mountains of the area. In the Fiordland, you can also view the mountains from the deck of a cruise ship or the seat of a kayak.

The surrounding area, carved out by the last Ice Age, is such a beautiful sight against the blue backdrop of the sky, you cannot help but be awestrucked by it all. Explore one of the many Glow Worm caves to witness the diversity of life as the creatures emit a bioluminescent light in the darkness.


You will find everything in this New Zealand city as you would in any modern metropolis: museums, music centers, restaurants. This one also has a touch of Maori culture in it.

Along with the Polynesian customs and rituals integrated into Auckland, the city is surrounded by various touches of natural beauty. Sandy beaches line the oceans. Mountains and forest rise above the buildings and skyscrapers. And the sunshine above keeps this city warm year round.

West Coast Glaciers

For what one would think to be a wintertime activity, exploring the glaciers of New Zealand can be done at any time of year. Hiking across or ice climbing along the Franz Josef or Fox Glacier – these amazing structures of ice age-remnants – can really cause you to pause and take stock of the grandness of this world. The age and history of the Earth makes you appreciate the tiny speck of time we inhabit even more.



The Land Down Under is a continent of mystery and amazement. It is a top tourist destination, at least the cities along the coasts, and rightfully so. They are full of arts and culture, swimming and surfing. Many do not explore any deeper into the Red Center of the country, preferring to stay out of the Outback and closer to the people-centers. However, it is the rural vastness of Australia where a lot of its beauty can be found.


There are none more popular in Australia when it comes to cultural centers than Sydney. This is the heart and soul of the country. Not only does the city offer an Aussie take on a modern society, they display their heritage, both European and Aboriginal, proudly. The harbor is home to the architecturally astonishing Sydney Opera House and the concerts held year round.

Great Barrier Reef

Hundreds of thousands of years of coral growth has led to the collection known as the Great Barrier Reef. When snorkeling or scuba diving around this natural wonder, you not only get to see thousands of species of sea life, you get to swim around an ancient structure of living organisms that has existed longer than humans and will hopefully be around after we are gone.

The 12 Apostles

Nowhere else will you get to see the effects of time on the earth as you will along the Great Ocean Road. Traveling along the southern coast, you will see the Apostles: pillars of limestone rising out of the ocean waters that were once part of the rocky coast.

The 12 Apostles (actually only 7) are the remnants of caves within the cliffline that the waves of the Southern Ocean have broken down over millions of years. Standing there, looking out across the cliff edge at the pillars, you will be left in awe of the power of this world.

As you tour these two countries, keep in mind to share your adventures. Start writing a blog detailing your adventures, and the way these places make you feel. If you don’t already have a blog, buy a domain name and get started with showing the world what they are missing.

Help others understand why these places mean more than just a spot to vacation in. Tell your friends, family, and random readers how trips to Australia and New Zealand are good for the soul, and for fully appreciating this world and all of its glories. And for life.


How Traveling to Oceania Can Change Your View on Life