Maine is one of those areas with a slower pace of life where everyone knows everyone else and people genuinely care about one another. As a result, Maine is the state with the lowest rate of violent crime and the friendliest, safest atmosphere. 

Maine’s Outdoors are Unbeatable

Maine is not only conveniently located for sea lovers, but it also features stunning scenery. Because of its small population (1.3 million people), 90% of the state is still covered in pine forests. This means that getting some fresh air and visiting a few beautiful state parks will never be a problem. Even though living in Portland, Maine, is the furthest you can get from the great outdoors, the love of nature is palpable, and you’re never far from a green space. You’ll have access to more than 5,000 kilometers of shoreline, as well as off-shore islands. By the seaside, you’ll find Maine’s famed lobsters on the menu, which is heaven for seafood lovers. If you enjoy sailing or simply visiting the beach, Maine is a terrific spot to live.

Living in Portland, Maine

A Warm Welcome and a Charming Atmosphere

Living in Maine is like stepping back in time to a simpler and kinder era, where neighbors were always willing to lend a hand. Because of Maine’s small towns and low population density, residents are typically laid-back in day-to-day activity. At the same time, the average age of the state’s population is often higher than in other states, resulting in a warm welcome and a slower pace of life. Because many individuals like to retire in Maine, you can expect to see a lot of seniors in your new area. 


Maine has no denying that it has cold winters — it is, after all, located in the northeast, where this is to be expected (and it features in the list of cons below). The nice summers, on the other hand, are one of the best aspects of living in Maine. If you don’t like hot weather, you’ll appreciate the pleasant temps that never grow oppressive, and humidity isn’t as bad as it is further inland due to the sea wind.

Cost of living

In comparison to the rest of the country, housing in Maine is nearly $40,000 more than the national average. With rent starting at around $600 per month, Augusta, Maine provides the best value for money and Portland Maine apartments average cost is $1500. However, due to the great number of retirees and the fact that the average age in Maine is higher, it will be tough to find an affordable property here.

Job Market

Maine’s work market isn’t particularly dynamic, owing to the fact that so many residents are retired. As a result, few residents under the age of 35 can obtain blue-collar or highly specialized labor, as well as minimum pay jobs (which naturally impacts the nightlife and entertainment scene as well).

However, if you’re retired or planning to retire soon and want to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, scenic locations, and coastlines then moving to Maine might be worth considering.