Where you live during school can make a big difference to how well you succeed academically and socially. There are all sorts of potential places to live, ranging from student dorms to actual homes. However, it can be hard to find the perfect accommodations when you have to consider things like budget, location, number of roommates, and more. When you are trying to find your ideal student living space, it is important to avoid making these mistakes.

Applying Too Late

When you live in an area with a lot of students, there is typically a high demand for housing in the month before classes start. Trying to pick your accommodations at the last minute will mean that you have very limited options to choose from. If you want something in high demand like student accommodation Sydney, you may need to start applying months before classes begin. This gives you access to more types of housing, and it ensures you have time to look for other housing if your first plan falls through.

Not Researching Options

A major mistake many students make is picking the first type of accommodation they are offered. It might seem convenient to go with the dorm rooms every student on campus can have, but you might end up paying far more for a place with barely any room. Take the time to visit options like university dormitories, living with family at home, renting a traditional apartment or house, or renting off-campus, pre-furnished student housing. Think carefully about the pros and cons of all these options to find housing that will make your life easier during school.

Ignoring Housing Regulations

When you are looking at student housing, you need to be aware of the fact that many types of student accommodation come with rules about what you can and can’t do in the house. Many people make the mistake of ignoring these regulations and just focusing on pricing, location, and size. This can lead to problems like getting a great room and learning you cannot cook or use appliances in the room.

Of course places with too many rules can be challenging, but you should also be cautious of places with no regulations because this can lead to issues like a roommate hosting a wild party until 4 AM. Think carefully about your lifestyle and make sure it will work with any regulations and rules attached to the housing.

Living Too Far From Campus

When housing near school is so expensive, it can be tempting to start looking farther and farther away. However, this comes with a lot of challenges. You will have to carefully arrange your schedule to ensure you are not going all the way to school for a single class each day. The long commute to school may also discourage you from taking advantage of office hours with professors or free tutoring you need to do well in school.

Many students who live off campus also report that they feel like it diminishes their university experience since they cannot easily take part in student events. Unless you have severe budget limitations, living close to campus is usually worth the slightly higher price.

Going Over Budget

When people first start looking for university housing, they are usually imagining living in a great place in a big city while they pursue their academic goals. However, the expensive realities of living in a college town can make it hard to get the type of housing you want. It is important to pay attention to your budget carefully when you are a student. Never take out loans or take on credit card debt to try to sustain a lifestyle you cannot afford. You need to think realistically about the funds you will have, consider expenses like textbooks and food, and pick housing that is actually within your budget.

Not Screening Housemates

One of the many parts of student housing that is overlooked is the roommates you may have. It is fairly common for both on and off campus housing to involve sharing your space with other students. The housemate you have can make a huge difference to your overall experience, so you need to work hard to find someone with a similar living style. The big mistake that many students make is assuming they will enjoy living with someone simply because they are friends or have similar interests.

However, the most important factors tend to be things like your desired level of cleanliness, sleeping schedule, common space use, and noise level. Finding someone who agrees with you on these important things will make it easier to get along with a roommate.

As long as you do not make these mistakes, it is possible to find student housing that is affordable and convenient. Once you pick the right housing, you can focus on enjoying your time in university!