This workshop is designed for those of us who love to explore, stretch ourselves in new ways, and are ready to write. In this writing workshop, we’ll partake in four transformative activities that will enable us to unleash ourselves and create. Whether you’re looking to write an article, pen a memoir, or simply try something new, this workshop will help you open the door and surprise yourself by the magic that you’re holding within.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Unleash our creativity through four innovative writing activities
  • Learn basic tools to get our creative juices flowing
  • Discover what’s blocking us and tap into our innate ability to express ourselves
  • Provide and receive feedback from other participants
  • Uncover a sense of optimism, balance and resiliency with our work

This workshop is facilitated by Co-Founder Jaclyn Mishal. Read testimonials from past workshop participants here.

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