Early childhood development is a critical stage of a child’s life. Parenting has taken a new turn these days — and recent technological developments has changed the way we raise our children. Instead of spending time with the children, many of us are buying gadgets to keep our children company, or act as babysitters. Below are a few side affects you’ll want to consider next time you hand your child a device to place with. 

It Can Cause Cancer

While mobile phones and computers are a great source of information and entertainment in this digital age, it’s also a source of numerous health conditions. From eye conditions to increased risk of getting cancer.

The latter is detrimental and is caused by prolonged exposure to the screen’s brightness since these devices emit radiation which associated with cancerous growths. In fact, the American Society of Cancer advises against the use of these devices due to increased time spent on them.

As a parent, it’s important to keep away these devices from the young kids since they’re more prone to these health conditions than adults.

Bad Posture Development

Technological devices such as tablets, phones and laptops encourage bad posture. When our kids play video games or spend time on these devices, pay attention to how they bend over to get a better look at the events on their screens.

Some of the content they interact with may be harmful and will need certain measures to curb or monitor such as getting an app to read text messages on another phone.

It’s this type of posture that develops into serious back problems later on in the future. Such postures cause misalignment in the spine because they’re growing and the bones will grow in the position they’re forced into.

It Increases Eye Strain

Harmful radiation rays emitted by screens can cause eye strains which may lead to permanent eye damage, especially when exposed for long durations. With children, it’s more dangerous since their eyes are still in the development stage.

Eye strain can go on to cause blurry visions, focus issues and eye fatigue. Indeed, according to the U.S. Center for Disease and Prevention, if a child spends 8 or more hours playing video games or in front of any other screen for that matter are bound to develop vision issues.

This includes nearsightedness although the problem is temporary since the eyes can resume normal vision if they turn their focus to non-screen activities.

Delayed Cognitive Development

At age 2 to 3, children’s cognitive development is critical. Introducing them to bright screens at this age is harmful to their cognitive development, especially when exposed for extended durations.

At this age, the child should learn how to develop their motor skills, spatial skills and visual skills. The best way to learn them is through physical exercise outside with other children.

It’s vital as a parent to take measures to ensure your child grows in the best environment as possible. While technology provides some great benefits to society as a whole, extended exposure to it can alter their development, which can be detrimental in their future life.

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