One of the things tourists most look forward to when they visit a foreign country is sampling the local cuisine. Israel is no exception, of course, with its melting pot of flavors from all over the world.


These crispy, round, deep-fried pieces of heaven are tossed into a pita that is smeared with a spoonful of hummus. Felafel is made of ground chickpeas and other ingredients to create a uniquely Middle Eastern food. Felafel store owners are known for their generosity and will offer you fries and dips on the side or in the pita, with free refills for as long as you still have the pita. Add a chopped salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and some harif (hot sauce) and you will feel like you were born there.


This native food is so sought after by Israelis that when they travel outside the country, they say they miss shwarma more than they miss their parents. Shwarma is sliced meat that is grilled and heated on a spit. The meat options you will find for shwarma are lamb, turkey, or dark-meat chicken. The sandwich is typically made by putting the meat into a hummus-smeared laffa (thick flat bread), and adding salad, pickles, fries, and harif (are you sensing a pattern?). Then it is folded up perfectly.


This is an unusual food, and not all Israelis even know about it. Chamshuka is shakshuka, which is eggs cooked in tomato sauce, plus hummus. The hummus acts as a balance for the spicy tomato sauce and helps create a deliciously unusual dish. You can order it on a plate or in a pita or laffa.


This crispy snack can be found absolutely everywhere you buy snacks: supermarket, gas station, or kiosk. Bamba is often a baby’s first food because it dissolves in the mouth. Think cheese curls and imagine them peanut butter-flavored. Bamba is the reason that peanut allergies are so scarce among Israelis. Children are exposed to it from infancy, and it builds up a resistance. Try it—you’ll love it!


Once the Krembo has arrived on the supermarket shelf, you know the summer is officially over. Krembo is a cookie with a large dollop of cream on top, and the whole thing is covered in chocolate. This snack can’t handle the desert heat and melts easily, so it is pulled from shelves at the first heat wave.

So many food options. Hope you are staying in Israel long enough to try them, and that you are using car rental Israel service, so you can be sure to enjoy.

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