Nepal is a small hidden country in between two massive nations in the world. In the east, south and west, Nepal neighbors India and the north of the country neighbors China. Even though Nepal is wedged between these two big countries, it has its own individuality which is a lot different, and beautiful, in its own way. Nepal is massive in food, culture, and diversification as well as in Natural beauty which can be explored by activities like trekking in Nepal.

This topographical partitioned not only consists of its own natural beauty, but you can find the disparate culture, customs and rituals with each other. While in the mountain region, you will find yourself surrounded by huge mountains peaks playing hide and seek with the clouds. Meanwhile the hilly region is covered by hills that fully enthrall lush forests, rapidly flowing rivers making the deep gorges and the deep valleys. And there is the Terai region, which possesses vast open grasslands and plains perfect for agriculture. 

Apart from the natural beauty, Nepal’s eccentric arts are showcased in the form or wood carving, mandala painting, pagoda styled built temples are another major highlight and reason for many fine arts admirers to visit Nepal.

Her are the top 7 reasons why Nepal should be your next travel destination.

1. The Mountains of Nepal Invite You for an Adventurous Trekking Experience

Nepal houses eight of the highest mountains in the world which offers incredible routes for trekking enthusiasts. Many trekkers consider Nepal to be a hiking heaven. Some of the popular trekking routes of Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang valley trek and many more. In addition, there are some trails that are less known to large numbers of people, due to their remote locations. These trekking trails are known as off the beaten treks of Nepal. If you are a nature lover, Nepal is absolutely perfect for you.

2. Mountaineering and Peak Climbing

Mountaineering is another prospect that is available to do in Nepal. Also considered as the king of the Himalayas that rise from the placid glaciers, mountaineering is a perfect thrill seeking activity to do in Nepal. You can summit the peaks or mountains that ranges from 6000m and above, to the highest mountain in the world- Mt. Everest (8848m). Every year determined thrill seekers make their way to the mountains of Nepal with a goal of conquering the mountain.

3. Wild flora and Faunas of Nepal

Nepalese unquestionably love the nature. In their culture, they worship nature, because they understand it has given so much to them. They believe that nature is a benefactor and we must respect it. Nepal is rich in natural vegetation. Its natural vegetation can be distinctly distinguished from each topographical region of the country.

Likewise, if you are a bird lover, you will be happy to know more than 880 species of birds have been recorded in Nepal. Which  makes Nepal a perfect destination for a bird watching tour. Some of the amazing birds you can find there are: the Spiny babbler, Cheer pheasant, Himalayan Munal, Bengal florican, great Hornbills, Himalayan vultures, Sarus crane, Back and white stork and many more.

Similarly, Nepal also shelters many species of mammals, insects and reptiles. Some of the animals that are found in Nepal are red panda, snow leopard, yaks, Himalayan Tahr, ghoral, blue sheep which are found mostly in the mountainous region. While other animals like royal Bengal tiger, one horned rhinoceros, crocodiles, monkeys, wild elephants, sloth bear, etc. are found in the national parks of the Terai region.

And to protect the flora and fauna, Nepal has established several national parks, conservation areas and wildlife reserve center. You can explore these animals without disturbing their habitat through many jungle activities like a jeep safari, canoeing, jungle walk, etc. Thus, if you are animal lover and want to watch them in their natural habitat, you must visit Nepal.

Top 7 Reasons Nepal is a Perfect Travel Destination

4. Diversity in Ethnicity

Nepal can be described as a beautiful garden. A garden is composed of different kinds of flowers, just like how Nepal is also composed of people with different ethnicities and cultures. Each ethnicity has their own culture, tradition, customs, language, festivals, costumes and rituals which makes it absolutely beautiful. Some of the major ethnic groups of Nepal are Tamang, Sherpa, Brahmins, Newar, Gurung, Thakali, and others.

If you want to experience the etiquettes of diverse cultures of Nepal, consider visiting Nepal and seeing it for yourself.

5. Retrace the Fine arts of Nepal

Retrace the history of Nepal by observing the monuments, sculptures, shrines, headstone, statues that were built centuries ago, in the historical palaces and religious temples. Observe the intricate wood carving done by the forefathers of Nepal. These sophisticated art designs can be seen on the windows, doors, balconies, staircase of the palaces as well as on the window panes of the temple. Don’t forget the pagoda styled built temples and palaces, and its beautiful unconventional designs. The combination of sculpture and wood carving adds an aesthetic aspect to the palaces and temples.

You can surely broaden your artistic knowledge by observing the stunning arts of Nepal. 

6. Friendly Environment

Nepalese are big hearted people. If you visit a Nepalese household, even without notice, they will welcome you with open arms and offer you their best delicacies. Moreover, if you make your journey toward a village area, you will always find a community of smiling faces, all the time. For them, you are a guest and the Nepalese see guest as a god.  They are strong believers in god. They will treat you generously, with whatever they have and try to communicate with you even they do not understand your language.

As mentioned earlier, Nepal is a diverse country with different ethnic groups and their own languages. Some villagers will not even understand Nepali, let alone English. During your visit, you will see true happiness in their eyes upon seeing you exploring their country.

7. Accessibility and Budget Friendly

Nepal is easy to travel to. You do not need any official documents other than a VISA to travel to Nepal. If you want to visit Nepal, you can simply grab your backpack, book a flight, and get ready for an experience of a lifetime. You can get your visa on arrival at the Kathmandu airport.

Besides easy accessibility, travel to Nepal, is extremely budget friendly. You will find good quality hotels and food at a very reasonable price. And if you manage your money efficiently, you will likely be able to save a lot of money. Other than that, every penny you will spend on doing the activities like adventure sports, day tours or lengthy trekking will be worth it.

All in all, these just a few of the reasons why Nepal is the perfect travel destination. Besides everything we mentioned, there are lots of things to do and see that you’ll find exciting. For instance, Nepal offers great prospect for adventure sports like Bungee jumping, paragliding, white water rafting and more. In short, Nepal offers great prospects for nature lovers, peace seekeras as well as adventure enthusiasts.

So make your plans to visit Nepal and explore all the highlights of the stunning country. You’ll create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Top 7 Reasons Nepal is a Perfect Travel Destination