This list of travel resources ranges from safety gear to backpacks to books and more. Each item on this list comes recommended by Pink Pangea writers and editors. Enjoy!

Hygienic & Cosmetic Travel Products for Women


The DivaCup is a reusable menstrual cup that is worn internally. It eliminates the inconvenience of packing pads or tampons, and is easy to use whether you’re moving to a new city or trekking the world.

GoGirl Female Urination Device

If you’re planning a camping or hiking trip, the GoGirl Female Urination Device makes it easier than ever to urinate anytime, anyplace.

Sea to Summit Dry Soap

This soap is lightweight, biodegradable, small, and long-lasting. With a little bit of water, you can easily wash your body or latest scrape.


Made from argan oil, sweet almond oil, lavender and chamomile, this oil will moisturize and nourish your skin and hair on the plane and in dry environments. Its 3oz packaging also makes it travel bag ready.


MacBook Air

This laptop is super light and can help you accomplish all of your travel blogging and daily needs, with great photo editing applications, FaceTime, iTunes, and word processing tools.


If your computer needs are basic–word processing and internet–the Chromebook is a great pick. It’s not only lightweight, but it’s also one of the least expensive laptops available today.


There’s no longer a need to carry a dozen books on your travels–or to worry about what you’ll do when you finish your latest read. With the Kindle and an internet connection, you can download whatever books you want from Amazon, and often your local library back home, too.

Safety Gear


The Robocopp Grenade is a wearable device that is as loud as an ambulance siren, but weighs less than an ounce. It scares away petty theft, potential attackers, and aggressive wildlife, and is legal to carry on planes.

Lewis N Clark RFID Luxe Neck Stash

This small neck stash comes with 2 zip and 2 sleeve compartments, an ID window and an adjustable strap. The flap fastens closed to keep your contents secure. It is made of soft, durable, ribbed fabric and can be worn under or over clothing.

Travel Clothing

North Face Linen Pants

These pants are very comfortable, light, and fantastic for multiple wears without washing.

White Sierra Lihue Capris

These capris are made from quick-dry material, provide SPF protection, and are water repellant.

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

These are fantastic pants for hiking. They are abrasion and wind-resistant and lightweight, with lots of pockets.

Travel Backpacks

Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Daypack

This backpack keeps your belongings incredibly secure with a lightweight flexible, stainless steel wire mesh that protects your gear from slash-and-run theft; a turn & lock security hook; and an RFID blocking pocket that prevents your credit cards and e-passports from falling into the wrong hands.

Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Backpack/Duffel

Named as the Adventure Gear of the Year in 2014 by National Geographic Adventure, this bag is so light, it weighs just 411g. You can convert it from a backpack to a duffel bag with 15 percent more capacity. It comes with security features too, like its pack-in pocket, which doubles as an interior security pocket. The zippers are lockable too and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Quechua Arpenaz 40 Hiking

Great for the budget-conscious, this backpack weighs just 640g and comes with lots of pockets to store your essentials: 1 outer pocket, 1 on top of pack and 2 net side pockets. It comes with padded back and straps, as well as a chest strap belt. It’s a very comfortable bag for traveling.

Books about Writing

The Artist’s Way, Vein of Gold, and Walking in this World

Julia Cameron’s inspiring books will guide you in connecting with your creative energies through weekly writing exercises.

Get a Freelance Life

This book offers a complete guide to all aspects of launching a freelance writing career–including writing compelling pitch letters, networking with the best in the magazine and newspaper industry, self-editing, managing deadlines, and more.

The War of Art

In this book, Steven Pressfield helps readers identify roadblocks to their creativity, outlines a plan to conquer this internal foe, and pinpoints how to achieve success.

Travel Memoirs

The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Rachel Friedman realizes that she doesn’t want to take the next step that’s expected of her–getting a job and settling into a new city.  She wants to explore the world.  She buys a one-way ticket to Ireland, a country she’s never visited, and that’s just the beginning.

MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend

If you’ve ever moved to a new city, you’d know that one of the biggest challenges is making new friends.  But for some, even that doesn’t cut it. After relocating from New York to Chicago after college, Rachel Bertsche wasn’t content in just finding a few people to hang out with.  She was looking for a best friend.  In MWF Seeking BFF, Rachel writes about her year-long search for that one-of-a-kind bestie.

Books by Pink Pangea Authors

Now What?: How a Gap Year of International Internships Prepared Me for College, Career, and Life

After high school high achiever Monika Lutz was rejected from every college she applied to, she decided to spend the next two years figuring out what she really wanted out of life.  In Now What?, Monika traces her internships and travels through nine cities and six countries–revealing all of the high points and low points along the way.

Costa Rica Chica: Retiring early, simplifying my life, & realizing that less is best

In June 2013, in her early 40s, Jen Beck Seymour broke free of the rat race of North America where bigger was better, and moved from Dallas, Texas to Costa Rica with her husband. She quit her artificially lit cubicle job, sold nearly everything, and left all sense of stable income behind. In this book, she shares the highlights and challenges of her experience–and tips for others looking to make similar life changes.

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