How to Get from Bangkok to Pattaya

Traveling to Bangkok to Pattaya? Here’s everything you want to know before your trip.


Take the bus if you want to have a clean, fast, and cheap trip. On average, a bus ride takes about 2 hours to go from Bangkok to Pattaya. Most of the buses are air-conditioned, in good shape, clean, so the trip will be very comfortable. This was one of the more cost-effective, more popular ways to travel to Pattaya.

  • It can be hard to navigate if you’re carrying a lot of luggage, and the bus doesn’t give you too much privacy. Consider taking another option if these qualities disturb you.
  • Buses don’t have a door to door service. You will have to arrange a ride to reach your final destination.

 How to Purchase Tickets

We suggest that you try to buy first-class tickets first, that cost about 100-120 baht. You can also opt for second and third-class tickets, but they don’t provide air conditioning

  • Second class tickets are only 20 baht less than first class tickets, so they might not give you the best quality for your money.
  • Third class tickets are a better bargain, they go for 31 baht a ticket, and can be purchased at Hualamphong.


If you’re trying to get to Pattaya in a hurry, the taxi is the best option. Taxis provide door to door drop-offs and pickups, making them a direct and easy solution. On the other hand, they are more expensive, but if you want to pay for direct travel, convenience, and air conditioning, this is the best option.

Have Your Hotel Reserved

Before taking a taxi, have your final destination planned out. For example, your hotel will provide you the most reliable, safest taxis. So you don’t have to worry about the price negotiation, as the hotel already determines the price for you.

  • However, you might have to pay a premium for this service, so have at least 10% or more of your budget added to help cover for this cost.

How Much Does it Cost?

Expect this to be over 1500 baht for this service. While this might be expensive, this is the safest way to get to your hotel in Pattaya. If you know that your location is next to Pattaya, you can negotiate for a lower fee.


Trains are good if you want a slower, more inexpensive trip. Taking the train will usually take you longer than taking a bus or a car, so its final fare makes it worth the cost. There is only one train that leaves for Pattaya a day, so you have to buy your ticket on time and reach the station early to get on the train.


Expect to pay around 140 baht for first-class tickets, 72 baht for second class, and 31 baht. We suggest purchasing your tickets in advance to ensure that you get a seat when the train departs. This will help you get your train tickets and keep you prepared if a delay occurs.


You’ll have a great time in Pattaya once you handle the travel accommodations. Research, plan, and save up in your budget to ensure that your trip is a fun and memorable one.

How to Get from Bangkok to Pattaya