If you’re in the DC area and are craving a change of pace outside of the countless museums and political discussions: Georgetown is the place to go.  This tiny town has the feeling of a seaside paradise but offers nuance and fun that make it an incredible place to live.

Here are the top reasons anyone would look forward to a life in Georgetown!

The Quirky Yearly Fun

If you’re tired of living somewhere with no personality, let Georgetown bring a little whimsy into your days. With cute cupcake tours that will allow you to follow a line of confectionaries from business to business, to the beautiful cobblestone and details the city loves to show off, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a fun fairytale instead of a small town outside of Washington DC.

While some bars lean into joking about politics and have a rowdy atmosphere, if that’s not your speed, it can easily be avoided!

The Gorgeous Views

Right on the water, Georgetown has a romantic feeling about it that’s hard to replicate.  With the cobblestone, the endless greenery, and the beautiful architecture of the local buildings, it’s a beautiful city built right beside beautiful waters.

Most Georgetown apartments allow some sort of view of the water or a small lake or river and will enable you to make a fantasy out of your own life. 

The Nightlife and Dinner Dates

If you want something more exciting: Georgetown’s nightlife is there for you!  Since this is a college town, with Georgetown University calling it home, most bars and clubs are heavily visited by exciting college twenty-somethings who bring a lot of energy to the table.  Although this may annoy some people, to some degree, it’s fun and charming to watch them have a great time and invite you into it.

All of the restaurants here are delicious, with many high-end choices in the historic neighborhoods.  Regardless of what type of date night you have planned, you can make it happen in Georgetown.

Welcome to Georgetown, DC

Beautiful Parks and Gardens

We could all occasionally use a break from our jobs!  There’s no reason to fret if you live in Georgetown since there are multiple parks and gardens you can visit to get away and breathe.

The idyllic nature, accompanied by the soothing quiet and sounds of water lapping at the shore’s edge, will help you unwind any tension and remember how lucky you are to live where you do.  If you’ve got the time for it, you can even plan picnics or dinners in these parks to make the meal all the more special!

More Affordable and Fun

Although Washington, DC costs 240.8 times more than the average city in America, Georgetown sets itself apart.  Housing in this city is 20% less expensive than the American average, which drops to 160% lower than the average home in Washington.  

Though things can get costly if you buy a home in specific neighborhoods or only eat out for every meal, this is a fantastic place to make a life for yourself inexpensively.