If you’re a regular traveler, you’ll know the stresses that go with it. Flying, planning and cancellations (if you’re particularly worried about this one, get help from Creditfix) can make us anxious, and it can be difficult to feel excited about the trip.

However, one thing you shouldn’t stress about is packing. Traveling light is the best thing you can do when preparing for a trip, especially one where you’re going to lots of different locations and taking various modes of transport. But it isn’t easy. We often overthink when we’re packing, and try to prepare for every possible scenario. So, why should you travel light? 


Traveling light always makes a trip less expensive. If you can squeeze all your essentials into a cabin bag or backpack, most airlines don’t have any fees and therefore you’ll only pay for the price of your seat. Once you get there, you’ll save money by not having to pay to leave your bag in lockers or storage units. 


We all know how annoying it can be to lug around an enormous suitcase full of stuff. When we’re getting on crowded public transport and traipsing around unknown cities, it can feel beyond stressful. When you pack light, you don’t need to worry about this. If you’ve simply got one rucksack that you can throw on in a second, you can get from A to B with much more ease. 


Whether you’re on a short getaway or a long period of travel, being safe is important. One of the key things to do in an unknown country is not attract unwanted attention. As a tourist with lots of stuff, you stand out easily. Local criminals might be able to tell that you aren’t from the area, and may see you as a target – especially if you’ve got lots of expensive gadgets with you. To avoid theft, try to blend in as much as possible, keep your gadgets hidden and don’t pack anything you can’t replace. 

Avoiding temptations

Traveling light teaches us to accept the simpler things in life and avoid unnecessary luxuries. Whilst you might not be worried about costs (lucky you!), if you’re traveling on a budget, traveling light will prevent you from buying too many souvenirs – because there’s simply no place to put them. You’ll also be able to move around with much more ease, so might be less tempted to spend money on taxis.  


Generally, when you travel light, you get a much more authentic travel experience. You’re less worried about what you have with you and enjoy the memories you pick up along the way. The joy of traveling means that you can forget about material things and live in the moment, and this can be difficult when you’re stressing about your belongings. You might not feel very spontaneous. But, if you’re able to chuck a few items in a bag and head off on an adventure in a moment’s notice, you’ll achieve travel authenticity.  

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