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Reflect: An Online Writing Workshop. Pen and paper.

A Woman’s Worth: An Online Writing Workshop

July 4, 2022
Where does our worth come from? Who decides?
This workshop
My Body. My Choice.

My Body, My Choice

June 30, 2022
This perspective on abortion comes via a lesbian female lens.
Writer's Retreat in Rhodes, Greece

Writing & Touring Retreat in Rhodes, Greece

June 5, 2022
Writing & Touring Retreat in Rhodes, Greece
Rhodes, Greece is
A Moment in Time in Paris

A Moment in Time

April 26, 2022
It was April 2018, four days before my 38th birthday,
Past The Point Of No Return In Cinque Terre

Past The Point Of No Return In Cinque Terre

February 28, 2022

What in the world were we thinking? We
How to Deal with Delayed, Damaged, or Lost Luggage

An Egyptian Taxi Ride from Hell

February 15, 2022
Egypt, egypt safety
I have lived in Cairo for two years. I speak
Book Review: Longing for Istanbul

Book Review: Longing for Istanbul

February 14, 2022
book review, Turkey
Whirling dervishes, women weaving silk threads into priceless rugs, strolling
 The Verge of Dawn in Florence

The Verge of Dawn

February 2, 2022
Italy, italy men
It’s midnight. In Florence, Italy, a violin plays softly. The

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Aside from falling absolutely in love with Venice, I appreciated meeting every woman in my group. We were all so different, coming from very different backgrounds and places, but we all shared our love of writing and travelling in common.

— Elayne Sanchez, Venice Retreat

I wrote and shared, laughed and cared, I grew, I learned, I was encouraged, and I knew that in five days those five ladies touched my life. They helped me grow in self-confidence, in confidence in my writing and in myself.

— Rachel Webb, Barcelona Retreat

The blank page stares at me with curiosity. I glare back uneasily. Jaclyn begins the workshop and my doubts begin to dwindle. Her teaching style calm and assured, she graciously guides us through the exercises.

— Jazmine Sangalang, Costa Rica Retreat

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