Women Can and Should Travel Solo

April 29, 2016

Growing up between two countries gave me a transatlantic lifestyle from birth. This was the foundation of my passion for travel. I was flying alone from a young age and I loved the adventure of even just the flight. As I came into my twenties, my passion for travel grew. I began to live in various places, working and studying and traveling whenever possible.

When I was a child, my aunt bought my family a subscription to National Geographic. This exposed me to the world through beautiful images and fascinating stories. I was probably eight years old when I began reading about the world through National Geographic. I wanted to go explore, that was my plan. Africa was first on the list!

I began by driving across America solo at the age of 19. Then I moved to Ireland and did my studies there, which was an excellent way to see Europe and surrounding areas. Growing up in America and Ireland, I saw two perspectives of travel. In America, I heard some horror stories about people traveling outside of the States, yet in Ireland I was watching people go off at 16 and 17 on holidays around Europe, and on working holidays to Australia and Asia. One thing was consistent: the reaction I got from friends, family, and acquaintances when I told them my dreams and plans to travel the world: “You can’t do that, especially not that country, you’ll be killed”. I’m happy to say I did not listen to this advice. Although it did create some anxiety around the idea of traveling solo to obscure places, it didn’t stop me.

I had to plan things quietly in some cases, to avoid having my loved ones try to convince me to stay. For example, India. This was my first big travel destination to a developing country, alone. I only told my Mom until my flights were safely booked. I followed my soul and of course respected my loved ones’ concerns, but I had to travel.

In America, I heard some horror stories about people traveling outside of the States, yet it in Ireland I was watching people go off at 16 and 17 on holidays around Europe, and on working holidays to Australia and Asia.

There’s something very special about traveling alone. It’s how I met myself. Profound, life altering transitions and soul awakening experiences have been the outcome of my solo travels. As a woman traveling alone, it can be more dangerous but it can also teach you how to protect yourself. For me, being solo kept me ‘awake’ throughout my travels. It was as if my awareness was heightened when I was preparing for India, bringing all my senses to life. They stayed awake throughout my travels, and made for a richer experience.

Of course I have had some issues on my journeys, but nothing that has deterred me from continuing this lifestyle. I tend to look at challenges in general as opportunities to learn and strengthen myself. Traveling and living a nomadic lifestyle is, for me, a constant learning opportunity. Meeting people, learning about the world, changing perspective, and learning about myself. When you know yourself, you can shape the life you desire, and this permeates into all aspects of your life. This intimacy with the self has improved all of my relations and has allowed me to shape the goals and dreams envision for my future.

My message is this: women can and should travel alone. Don’t listen to the media propaganda that simply creates negative connotations around travel and the societies of certain places in the world. I have almost always been greeted with warm smiles, welcomed into the lives of local people, invited to weddings, birthdays, special occasions, been given gifts… Most precious of all, I’ve been told stories, and learned about the places and people I encounter on my journey.


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About Stacy K. Dixon

Stacy K. Dixon was born into a global family which set the foundation for her passion for culture, travel, adventure sports, education, travel writing, and photography. Originally from Western Massachusetts, Stacy has lived in five continents and currently resides in South East Asia where she continues to live a nomadic lifestyle seeking deep cultural immersion in rural and wilderness locations.

6 thoughts on “Women Can and Should Travel Solo

  1. Francie
    May 8, 2016

    Dear Stacy,
    I do so enjoy reading your articles, I love your writing style…feels as though
    I am travelling along with you….Being a woman traveler myself ….I too was influenced by the National Geographic magazine as a child and young adult…So thrilled to know I had a part in your inspiration to travel and educate yourself through the Subscription to National Geographic I gave you and your brothers for Christmas….Love, Great Aunt Francie

    • Stacy K. Dixon
      May 8, 2016

      Thank you Francie, you not only inspired me with National Geographic but also the stories of your travels to South America solo and the continued passion you have for exploring today! I hope I can follow your footsteps!

  2. Star
    May 6, 2016

    Bravo! What a wonderful piece about adventure, bravery, and following your heart. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy following your travels. May our paths cross again in some distant land… ?? Auntie Star?

    • Stacy K. Dixon
      May 8, 2016

      Thank you Star! I hope we meet somewhere in the near future!

  3. Patrick
    May 6, 2016

    My Dearest Stacy you are an inspiration To All . I as your Uncle am very Proud of you and I think of you often and Brag about my Amazing Niece STACY !!!!

    • Stacy K. Dixon
      May 8, 2016

      Thank you Patches! You’re the best!

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