Pink Pangea, the community for women travelers, is a fast-growing site where women share their travels and inspire others to see the world.  We have a small staff of women who are passionate about travel and believe that they can make a real difference in the world.

We currently have the following internship openings:

    • Social Media Intern
      We’re seeking social media guru who is passionate about helping other women see the world. This position includes a paid stipend. Read more

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One thought on “Jobs & Internships

  1. Nelish Lalany
    November 17, 2014

    Hi there,
    I sent a message on Facebook about having traveled to Ecuador (as well as Nepal), and I am really keen to become involved with this community! I think the concept of a women’s travel site is truly amazing, and as a traveler I am glad to have found it.
    I am Canadian and currently studying my Master’s in England (MSc, International Communications). Additionally, I have previous experience working as a communication and social media coordinator for a not-for-profit radio station in Los Angeles, California, and later a marketing agency in Toronto, Canada. I also do freelance social media consulting with small businesses for a little extra coin and experience points!
    I feel I would be a great fit for this position because I love to travel, and find I am never in one place for long. So far, I have visited about 15 countries since 2008, and each one presented challenges and uplifting experiences that I would love to share. I think the stories of independent and fearless women should be exchanged in a welcoming online space, and Pink Pangea is facilitating a great venue for starting the discussion. I would love to be a part of the social media team and help to strategize communications initiatives to spread the word.
    I recently spent 3 months in Nepal and 3 months in India, and would love to discuss the experiences of being in these countries in a women’s forum. I have also had the pleasure of visiting various places in Europe, the Caribbean, South-East Asia, and South America. I feel that my passion for communications as well as travel experiences will provide new, different, and positive insights to the team.
    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

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