Developing Routines while Backpacking in Nicaragua

March 28, 2014
Backpacking in Nicaragua

foreign-correspondent badge final Backpacking is more than just vacationing. Backpacking is a way of life. While you are on the road, there are certain routines you will develop in order to keep yourself going. You need to be in a different mindset to travel for months on end rather than take a short weeklong vacation. For me, there are a few things I like to keep in mind while traveling.

One of the most important things for me to do while traveling is to get sufficient rest. I know some people who plan to party every night during their travels and sleep when they return home. But, that is not so easy to do if you plan on being away for months. While I like to check out the party scene in the different cities I visit, I also make sure I sleep at least six to seven hours a night. I like to wake up at a decent hour so that I don’t waste my precious days in these new countries.

Of course there will be certain nights that are worth staying up to see the sun, but those are special occasions rather than regular parts of my trip. I personally think that if you get enough sleep and wake up with the sun, you will feel as if you are getting more out of your days and your travels.

Another thing that is an important part of my travel routine is staying active. While it is not always easy to get a good workout in, I try to spend as many days as possible doing fun, physical activities like surfing, hiking, biking, or even going on a short run. Relaxing is important too, but I find that when I get myself moving, I usually have more energy to do and see more things.

jumping in the water

Eating healthy on a regular basis is also important to me. I find that trying to keep some of the same habits I have at home while traveling is a good way to keep myself motivated during long trips. It is usually not hard to find fresh fruits or vegetables at local markets. It is always good to eat at local, family-run restaurants. Eating good, healthy meals will not only help you find the best local cuisines, it will also give you energy for the day.

I think the most important part of traveling is keeping a positive attitude. Always try to smile at strangers and stay friendly and open-minded. If you start everyday with a smile, you will see that staying positive is the best way to be, both on your travels and back at home. With an open mind, you will find that there are endless possibilities, and you will gain the most out of your travels. You will meet so many people and enjoy so many different experiences everyday.

Developing a few simple routines will keep you on track and you will be amazed by how much your travels will inspire you.

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Alana Murphy is a curious person who takes an interest in many things. For her, traveling is one of the best ways to learn not only about yourself, but also about others and this amazing world we live in. The excitement of meeting new people, exploring an unknown area, and the challenge of being out of your comfort zone are all part of the appeal of traveling.

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