Meeting My Korean Boyfriend’s Family

September 12, 2014
Meeting My Korean Boyfriend's Parents

pink pangea foreign correspondentMeeting your boyfriend’s family can pose some pressure and nerves for some people–and even more so if that family is Korean.

Through talking with Korean friends and seeing the portrayal of this “momentous” occasion on dramas, I learned that meeting the family is only when said couple are ready to get hitched. My boyfriend’s family might just have broken the mold on when it is appropriate to meet a new girlfriend. It was approximately a month after we started dating–or maybe even less than a month. I attributed that to them being open-minded and also really curious about the fact that their son was dating a foreigner.

The first time we met we were picked up by his family to go to a restaurant. At first they only directed questions to my boyfriend for him to translate, but soon some questions were actually directed towards me. I would have been nervous in this situation anyway but since there was a language barrier I felt even more nervous.

I even spent the night at their house, and my boyfriend was kicked out to the living room so I could sleep alone. He left for work early in the morning so I had a chance to spend some time with his mother and sister. His mom made a true Korean breakfast with meat and rice, kimchi, and soup. That was my first Korean breakfast–no bagels and no cereal–just delicious Korean food. We had a chance to talk, and, with a mix of Korean and English, we found a way to understand each other.

Meeting a boyfriend’s family is a unique experience, especially if they are Korean or any other nationality. Not only did we get to know each other but also we had the opportunity to share cultures. It didn’t matter that my Korean wasn’t that good (I tried my best, really)–we still found ways to connect and communicate. I hope my Korean will get even better so I can become closer to them.


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On her way to becoming a permanent expat, Morgan Patkos teaches children, studies Korean, and tries to maintain the hobbies she tells everyone she does.

One thought on “Meeting My Korean Boyfriend’s Family

  1. puka
    January 23, 2015

    Hello, I’m puka. I love to read this post about meeting korean boyfriend’s family. your bf parents seems accept you very well 🙂 that was really nice that you had breakfast with your bf mom and even his sister~ may I ask you some questions? (sorry if it annoys you) did they ask you to live in Korea if you and your bf had married? and did they ask you how much you know about korean culture or smh like that?
    my friend said to me that foreign women is difficult to marry korean man because korean mom usually choose woman who knows and accepts korean culture well. Im sorry if my question is a bit rude but I just want to know since I have to meet my korean bf family this year 🙂 Thank you so much if you’re willing to reply me by email 🙂
    I hope your relationship is getting better and closer to your bf family ^^

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