Shamanic Healing in Peru

Shamanic Healing in Peru.

What is a spiritual journey? This was the quintessential question on most people’s lips as I embarked on my year of exploration of enlightenment and growth through travel and study: my peace, light, and love journey. For me, it’s been an evolving process of intense soul work, healing, and awakening, but this journey is the culmination of all I’ve ever dreamed of, combining my passion for travel with hands-on learning. A shamanic healing.

Through world travel we grow in ways that are impossible within a comfortable, confined life. Travel pushes us outside our comfort zone, like diving with reef sharks or being thrust out of a suspended cage over a 150-meter canyon. It allows us to strengthen our intuition when meeting new people and visiting exotic lands. Travel expands our knowledge when exploring ancient historical sights, tasting foreign foods, or even just figuring out how to get from point A to point B. And when you push yourself to seek out indigenous healers and peaceful prophets from other cultures, it can alter your soul for eternity.

I was tossed into a frenzy of emotional baggage I had been working to discard for years with moments of extreme bliss and epiphanies, followed by overwhelming tears and agony.

I felt drawn to Peru for several reasons, but mostly for the spiritual energy it was sending me. Like a moth to a flame, I knew I had to visit the sacred land of the Inca, having tasted the blessed lands of the Mayans in Mexico two years earlier. The Inca still predominately live off the land and make it their priority to protect and give thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

I began to work with a shaman in Písac, part of the sacred valley in Peru. In this 12-hour ceremony we were led to open our hearts and let go of all the pain that we held onto in our souls. I was tossed into a frenzy of emotional baggage I had been working to discard for years with moments of extreme bliss and epiphanies, followed by overwhelming tears and agony. I painted and wrote through my experience and concluded that the ego cannot exist when there is true peace and contentment. Instead, these are life lessons brought to us to help our soul grow and raise our vibration, which in turns raises the universal vibrations.

Shamanic Healing in Peru

I then was drawn to a Munay-Ki healer and chose to get these sacred downloads, feeling they were in alignment with the reiki and other healing work I already practice. My attunement was much more than I could have dreamt. We were five peaceful, enlightened women who came together with our Munay-Ki healer and joined with a Q’ero or Quechua shaman (Incan descendants) to hike up a feminine mountain for my first three of the eight Munay-Ki downloads.

Our funny, yet mystical, Q’ero then performed a despacho ceremony using different objects, mostly from nature, to represent blessings of health, love, money, happiness, food, abundance, spiritual connection, and more. He did a beautiful ceremony, blessed our crystals, and wrapped up our blessings to be burned. Afterwards, he felt he needed to give me a shamanic Quechua name, which translated into “Rainbow Light.” The name was so powerful and symbolic to me that words cannot express my gratitude and humble honor, especially as I was the only one he named.

I met again with my Munay-Ki healer alone a few days later to receive the final five transmissions by a beautiful river flowing down the mountain. Mother Nature was cradling us with every step as she brought strong wind gusts, flocks of birds, two eagles, and more signs in perfect synchronicity with my attunements. I was so super charged with love I even treated myself to a rose petal herbal spa bath, followed by the most amazing Reiki hot oil essences massage (it’s very rare for me to give myself such luxury)!

Shamanic Healing in Peru

What truly brought all these experiences together was the day I stepped foot into the sacred and miraculous home of the ancient Incas, Machu Picchu. The sun was behind the clouds, but still warm and bright. As one of the first people through the entrance gates, I was thrown back by the grandeur and awe that struck me at first sight of this seemingly intact city above the clouds in the Andes Mountains.

Trust in your journey, release all expectations, embrace all appreciation, and above all, be the rainbow light that illuminates the world.

I wound my way through the ancient ruins finding a few quiet spots for peace and meditation. The sun began to illuminate the city as I walked towards the young mountain known as Huayna Picchu to begin the very steep and high ascent. It was the biggest mountain I had ever climbed and I was unaware of how much more difficult the altitude would prove to be, but approximately an hour later, I found myself crawling into the final huge boulders to be greeted by thousands of butterflies welcoming me to my victory at the top.

I enjoyed the peace, the view, and my accomplishment for a while before heading back down. On my descent, I was greeted by a park ranger who asked if I was spiritual before inviting me to meditate in the sacred feminine alter. We crossed a few ropes and went down a few sets of steep stairs obviously off-limits to travelers. And there it was, the sacred feminine alter overlooking Machu Picchu in all her glory. We sat together in meditation for at least 45 minutes and for the first time, I felt Kundalini rise and was transported to another dimension. I was brought out of my meditation by a light wind and misting rain, thanked my new friend and headed back down the mountain to find a spot to take in all the blessings on a rock wall in Machu Picchu.

Shamanic Healing in Peru

And it was then, sitting on that rock, that it all came together. I was exactly where I was meant to be as the most glorious double rainbow danced across the mountains and sky. As I sat there, the colors became more and more vibrant and my given name Rainbow Light came full circle.

Trust in your journey, release all expectations, embrace all appreciation, and above all, be the rainbow light that illuminates the world. Each soul has a divine purpose, and sometimes, it may not be what you expect it to be, but it will always be what it is meant to be if you have faith and follow your heart.

Shamanic Healing in Peru

My Spiritual Experience on the Inca Trail Tours

Shamanic Healing in Peru


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