Video Correspondent Position

April 24, 2015
Video Correspondent Position

Pink Pangea, the community for women who love to travel, is a fast-growing site where women share their travels and inspire others to see the world. Video Correspondent Position

We are seeking women to share travel information with other women who are passionate about traveling. As a Pink Pangea Video Correspondent, you will give women travelers a platform to inspire others and share their travel knowledge with women throughout the world.

Responsibilities include: interviewing women about their travels in three 3-5 minute videos and helping women share their travel tips and experiences with the Pink Pangea community. Each correspondent is responsible for submitting three videos over the course of three months. Videos will be featured on Pink Pangea. Video Correspondents will work closely with the Pink Pangea team.

Video Correspondent applicants should be committed to exploring new cultures, entrepreneurial-minded, and interested in capturing the stories of women travelers on camera.


For more information, email [email protected].

pink pangea correspondent
Pink Pangea Correspondent Morgan in the Solomon Islands


pink pangea correspondent
Pink Pangea Correspondent Anna in Indonesia


pink pangea correspondent
Pink Pangea Correspondent Anna in Bolivia


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