Cadaqués, Spain: A Stunning Gem on the Coast

May 29, 2015
Cadaqués, Spain: A Stunning Gem on the Coast

What do you think about when you hear the word, Cadaqués? A rich-red wine, a flowery perfume with citric undertones, the name of an Essie nail polish?

Cadaqués would perfectly suit any of these choices, but it’s a small, charming and exceptionally beautiful town on the northeast coast of Spain, just 2 ½ hours north of Barcelona and south of the French border.

I had never heard of it before, until one day, out with a group of friends, we started talking about art. Salvador Dali came up and someone mentioned that Cadaqués was an inspiration to much of his work. They described it as a “tiny piece of heaven in the middle of a mountainous and rocky bay.” I was already creating pictures in my head.

Cadaqués is a place to relax, walk around the shoreline, admire the exquisite view, take in a clean breath of fresh air and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Because I’m a Dali fan who loves to travel, I flew into Girona with a friend of mine, rented a car and drove along Costa Brava (northwest coast of Spain) in search of this jewel. The drive along the coast offers the most absolutely blissful oceanic scenery and the clearest of skies in a zigzagging road, which makes you drive slower and take pleasure in the surroundings even more.

When you arrive in Cadaqués, you’ll realize that any description that you previously heard and all the pictures you Googled, don’t do justice to the authentic and picturesque sight coupled by the soft smell of sea water.

The town itself is very small. In fact, there are only a bit over 2,000 habitants! It faces the Mediterranean Sea and when you stand in the city’s main square, you’ll notice that there are a few restaurants and hotels, the church of Santa Maria and a statue of Dali on the boardwalk. I felt as if I were sitting inside a picture.

The streets in Cadaqués are tiny, the buildings are clean and white and the water is a special deep blue, with a bright sun that makes it glisten as if it were a mirage. The lightest ocean breeze awakens your senses and the crowd is a mix of both reserved tourists and very proud locals.

By no means is this a party town. Cadaqués is a place to relax, walk around the shoreline, admire the exquisite view, take in a clean breath of fresh air and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Cadaqués, Spain: A Stunning Gem on the Coast


Sitting at a local restaurant is a must in this darling town. Savor a delicious fideua, which is like a paella, but made with thin vermicelli-like noodles instead of rice. You can also choose to add homemade aioli sauce, a tangy mayonnaise made with garlic and olive oil, and accompany it with a nice glass of white wine (or red, if that’s your thing).

The small beaches, or calas, as they are called, are rocky and the water is chilly. Just sitting on a rock, admiring the sapphire-colored water and imagining Dali, Picasso or Miro being inspired by the same view is just a marvelous sensation.

I stayed in Cadaques for 2 days, which allowed me enough time to explore the town, see the wonderful beach homes, get my feet wet in the Mediterranean, be mesmerized by the stunning sunsets, and visit Dali’s house in Port Lligat, which is now a museum just a few minutes from Cadaqués and a must during your visit.           

The house showcases a more intimate look into Dali and his wife Gala’s eccentric lifestyle, and in my opinion, is even better than the Dali Museum in Figueras, which is a short drive from Cadaqués and wonderful but much bigger. 

Cadaqués, Spain: A Stunning Gem on the Coast

Cadaqués, Spain

Cadaqués, if I do say so myself, is one of the most dazzling and alluring places in the North of Spain. It’s where you will find tranquility and class. Salvador Dali once said that Cadaques was a perfect and dreamy town. I encourage you to visit and take in all of its exquisite beauty.

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Cadaqués, Spain: A Stunning Gem on the Coast photo credits: Elayne Sanchez and Unsplash.

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