Barcelona: Sites, Inspiration & More

March 12, 2016
Barcelona: Sites, Inspiration & More

One of the benefits of being a writer is the opportunity to travel. With your laptop in your bag, you can travel to cities all over the world, appreciating the sights and sounds of the world around you and using them as inspiration for your own work. And which city can clear writer’s block and trigger a creative flourish more than Barcelona? Blessed with architectural wonders, an urban vibe and a blend of the old and new, the Catalan capital will soon have you jotting down notes on your writing pad or typing away on your laptop. Barcelona sites* 

Barcelona Sites, Inspiration & More

The Sagrada Família

Although still in development, some might say the Sagrada Família is the Catalan architect Antoní Gaudí’s crowning achievement. This impressive church, which is in the final stages of construction, is an expression in stone of the Christian faith. Believers can recognize the principles of their faith in the architecture. So far it has taken more than 100 years to build the church, which is a testament to unshakeable determination and dedication and a real source of inspiration to anyone on a difficult path to achieving their goals.

La Rambla

If you need some hustle and bustle to get into the flow of writing, or want to capture the atmosphere of a busy city street in your writing, head to La Rambla boulevard. Street performers and human statues pursue their trade, bars and restaurants serve diners out on the terrace, artists sketch or paint portraits of passers-by and stall owners drum up business. At one end of the boulevard the statue of Christopher Columbus towers above you, and you can cross over the road on towards the Maremagnum shopping center, close to the port, which somehow manages to feel busy and tranquil at the same time; at the other end you have the Plaça Catalunya, the heart and soul of Barcelona, with all its department stores and restaurants.


Montjuic is a source of inspiration on two counts. First of all, the hill is the home of the site that hosted the 1992 Olympic Games. Walk into the Olympic stadium and you may be able to draw on the sense of past sporting glories that infuses the area. And secondly, the gardens of Montjuic are a lovely place for a spot of meditation. You can just sit on the grass, close your eyes and draw in the sounds of the world around you, or simply just gather your thoughts while you gaze upon the city below. This will work well for reflexive writing.

Gothic Quarter

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter blends modernity with Roman and medieval Barcelona. As you walk through the narrow streets you can see the City Hall and the seat of the Catalan government — the Generalitat —the cathedral, the Gothic churches of Santa Maria del Pi and Sants Just i Pastor and browse elegant market stalls. If you’re writing something with a historical angle to it, take a seat at one of the cafes in the squares. This is a good inspirational location to get the ideas flowing.

Barcelona Sites, Inspiration & More

Park Guell

One of the nice things about the beautiful Park Guell is that there are so many sights to take in. The park is masterfully sculpted and decorated. There’s the Gaudí dragon, the cool portico offering shade, the dragon stairway, the benches that border parts of the park and look out onto the city, and the entrance lodges. An atmosphere of collective admiration prevails as visitors explore the park and wonder at Gaudí’s masterpiece which provides so many places to sit and meditate, or to sit, contemplate and write. This is definitely a location for some inspirational writing.

The Beach

Under the summer sun, the beach is the place to grab some inspiration and inject some real verve into your writing. There’s also the air of freedom on the beach as well. You’ll see some just relaxing in the heat, some taking a dip in the sea, some refreshing with a tipple on the promenade and others either strolling or rollerblading along it. The atmosphere will certainly benefit your writing.

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