SEO Info: Amp Up Your Website

September 21, 2016
SEO Info and Tips!

SEO Info & Tips

When writing your articles, be sure to fill out the metadescription, and SEO Title at the bottom of the page.  You’ll want to make sure you use your keyword in both.

When adding images to your article, make sure to use you keyword in the title and ALT title.

Here’s a step by step guide to choosing your focus keyword, and having your article show up in the appropriate Google searches to expand your readership!

  • The main incentive is to get people who are searching for information that your article contains — to actually reach your article. People will search via Google using keywords, and you’ll want to make sure that those relevant keywords are in your article.
  • Find the main topic of your article, for example: traveling with a pet, restaurants in Venice, things to do in Barcelona
  • Go to Google’s Keyword Planner ( Here you can search different terms that people may be searching to reach your article, and check how many people actually search each term each month. Once you choose your main topic, try searching a few relevant terms. For example, if your topic is “things to do in Barcelona,” you can try: “things to do in Barcelona,” “travel Barcelona,” “Barcelona travel,” “travel to Barcelona.”
  • Now, check to see if that keyword ranks between 880 – 33,000 in average monthly searches.  If it doesn’t, check similar options. This range will make your article competitive for people searching for those keywords.
  • If you are trying to rank in a very niche market, you may find that your keyword gets fewer than 880 monthly searches. In these cases, it may still be a valuable keyword for you to choose.
  • Choose your keyword. Tweak your title to contain the keyword. Make sure the keyword appears at least 1-2 times in your article, and preferably in the first paragraph. Copy that keyword into the text areas of the photos. Also, make sure it appears in the article’s link. If there’s an area to plug in a meta description, make sure your keyword appears there too.
  • *If you’re using WordPress, there are lots of plugins that can help you with this. We love Yoast SEO to get the best SEO info.

SEO Info!
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