Why You’ll Want to Visit Annecy, France

September 2, 2016
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I’m finally experiencing my dream of living in France–a fifteen-year-old dream that began during middle school and high school when I started studying French. With so many desirable destinations to choose from, I ended up living in Annecy. A small town in the Haute-Savoie region, Annecy rests on the foothills of the Alps and Lac D’Annecy, a beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by mountains. When I arrived, the mountains and the old town captured my heart. The old town is truly quaint with its small cafes, boulangeries, chocolateries, and pastel-colored buildings dating back to the 16th century.

My senses came alive when I arrived in Annecy, with views of the mountains and the sunlight bouncing off the buildings of the old town. The smell of ancient recipes floated in the air as I set foot on the old cobblestone rues with visions of how life was hundreds of years ago in Annecy. I imagined all of the hands that opened and closed the traditional wooden shutters; women dressed in their 16th to 18th century clothing; and of course, the markets, the farmers, and the winter season life, which shapes the culture here.

I’ll never forget my first taste of tomme de chevre or that first framboise brioche–so full of flavor and made with love!

During the summer, a wave of tourists pass through Annecy, and I can understand why. It’s beautiful and provides easy access to the Alps, the rest of France, and all of Europe. It’s a prime location for outdoor sports too, especially hiking, biking, and water sports. In the winter, the world class mountains are covered in snow, and people can enjoy winter sports in the heart of the French Alps while visiting places like Chamonix and its surrounding areas.

The local food reflects the seasonal agriculture. Dairy and goat farms are the primary agriculture and source for beautiful cheeses, and the vineyards and fruit farms in other provinces of France provide excellent wines and fruit. Of course, there’s the Savoie specialties of fondue and raclette–melted cheese with bread and charcuterie to keep everyone warm and cozy in the winter!

Why You’ll Want to Visit Annecy, France.

You may wonder, as I did, about the political state of France. Unfortunately, some people live in fear, which is the result of government influence and heightened security. I can understand the wishes of the government to protect its citizens but I don’t agree with its method of instilling fear and bringing a larger military presence to the streets of France. It doesn’t make me feel secure. In fact, it has the opposite effect on me. The government has cancelled traditional and cultural events. I think that this is a problem. It is important to keep the wonderful cultural traditions alive, which can safeguard a country’s unique beauty while keeping its people in good spirits.

Why You'll Want to Visit Annecy, France

All of the wonderful things that France has to offer are still accessible and worth visiting regardless of the political situation. For me, it is a dream come true to live and work in France, and to speak French on a daily basis while enjoying the mountains and lakes during my free time. And, of course the food! I’ll never forget my first taste of tomme de chevre or that first framboise brioche–so full of flavor and made with love!

I’ll never forget my first taste of tomme de chevre or that first framboise brioche–so full of flavor and made with love!

So if you’re planning a trip to France, strongly consider a stop in Annecy. You can visit historic sites, walk through the old town and sample the local fare. Then head to the Alps for some true adventure and stare in wonder at the view of Mount Blanc.


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