The Joyful Importance of a Weekend Getaway

December 12, 2018
The Joyful Importance of a Weekend Getaway

When I feel connected to myself, to my community, I feel at peace. I grew up emotionally isolated, so the difference between being connected and not is stark. I can feel cells in my brain moving joyfully when I am in sincere contact. Admittedly, there is a smugness in my joy. In recent years, scientific studies have supported the notion that our brains are relational. To feel completely alive and fulfilled we humans need to feel authentically connected. This shows up as interest, help and curiosity from our community of family and friends.

Over the last few months I have had multiple medical procedures. Then we experienced a home invasion while we were sleeping. As grateful as I am that we did stay asleep, thus preventing possible violence, my body was agitated. It was clear my inner peace was disconnected from my thinking brain. I was tossing on the stormy seas of disconnectedness.

To help combat this, I sought a weekend getaway. It helped me stay in the moment. With no energy wasted energy on past regrets or future fears, each moment stretches. So off I went to my environmental cure. We climbed from our flat, dusty seaside town up the mountains nearby. Choosing a getaway close by leaves maximum time to relax, less time traveling. Secret number two.

Foliage of all shapes and shades of green reached out to us. Sweet aromas enticed us over the ruts the rainy season had drilled into the road.

As soon as we turned into the dirt road leading to our spa, I noticed my breath slow down and deepen. We wound up and up, each turn surprising us with another vista. Foliage of all shapes and shades of green reached out to us. Sweet aromas enticed us over the ruts the rainy season had drilled into the road. Our thoughts vanished into the reds, yellows, oranges, pinks of nature’s artistry.

In record time we were warmly greeted with sparkling eye contact, a sincere smile, help with our luggage. I felt a sense of home as we were led to our pool-side room. We relaxed before a delicious lunch. Then we didn’t have to do anything until dinner. The chef took our preferences into consideration and showed us where cookies, drinks and fruit were. My brain responded to this embracing caring.

The howler monkeys announced dinner time was approaching. We enjoyed the blazing reds and oranges as the sun set behind the mountains into the distant sea. Another important consideration when choosing a weekend escape is a small hotel versus a large resort. Here the staff was close by and they accommodated our every need.  I felt cocooned in a cradle of relaxation.

The Joyful Importance of a Weekend Getaway.

I was fully present all weekend, in a small hotel close to home and experiencing deep connections with nature, pleasant dinner company. It reaffirmed and empowered me to face my everyday world with its multiple challenges.

When our drive home became a reality I left invigorated, reconnected to my souls peaceful center. Herein lies the joyful importance of a weekend get away.

About Judith Donovan

Judith Donovan is a retired Clinical Social Worker. She currently divides her time living in Costa Rica with visiting her children, grandchildren and five great-grandchildren in various parts of the U.S. Judith is grateful to have the time to write her memoirs plus travel experiences. She is also a dedicated meditator, and besides attending retreats, mentors those wanting to deepen the gift of meditation in their lives.

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