Finding Real Love in Paris

January 25, 2011
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Finding Real Love in Paris

Paris is known as the City of Lights, but also, the City of Love. Finding real love in Paris is hard because most men are looking only for a one-night stand. I hope this post inspires you to find your love in Paris!

I first went to Paris, my junior year of college to study abroad, when I was not at all looking for love or even a relationship. My flute teacher swore that in four months time, I would have fallen for a handsome Frenchman and be swept off my feet.

Well, she was right; I had fallen in love with a man, but French he was not. I had met my now-husband (a Turk) at a salsa club by Tour Montparnasse (the big black tower), one night when my roommates dragged me out. He had asked me to dance and I was like “Sure, why not”. A few weeks later, we were meeting up at our favorite Turkish restaurant near Republique almost every night, speaking French of course because we didn’t speak each other’s language.

I was very much in love with him and when it was time to say goodbye, I had to make sure he had the same feelings for me, if we wanted this relationship to work. We continued our long-distance relationship while I was in the States and he was in France. Culture differences often got in the way–his parents wanted him to move back to Turkey and settle down and mine just wanted some time with me before I took off for round two in France.

When finding love, it is important to discuss cultural differences because the Turkish village culture is not similar to that of the American small town. And in no way is it like French culture, which is even more complicated!

Finding Real Love in Paris

Today, my husband I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We reminisced over tea about our wedding day: the weather (rainy and cold), our nerves, our friends, and family (7 different nationalities represented), and our future. It was a great day, and we both remarked how thankful we are that we do not have to deal with the Mayor’s office anymore! If you are interested in learning about the paperwork required for marriage in France, please refer to my blog.

Therefore, when finding love in any city whether it be Paris or insert city here, make sure your intentions and his/hers are true and that you have discussed all things cultural. Because there are lots of men in France with other intentions and it is best to avoid them. If you want to dodge them, just wear a ring and say your husband is at the metro station waiting for you and they will just leave you alone.



Finding Real Love in Paris

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