Getting Over Your Ex Abroad

January 21, 2013

Getting over your ex is a hard thing to do no matter where you are. However there are a few positives and negatives that occur when you find yourself hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from someone you once cared about.

Getting Over Your Ex


After a five year relationship that felt more like a roller coaster ride than an actual relationship; I found myself needing an escape. A real escape. An escape that would remove every little thing that ever reminded me of HIM. I needed space and new faces as well as grand adventures I could then rub in his face to prove that I didn’t miss, think, or need him. I needed to “win” this  break up. I decided to study abroad.

I arrived in Cyprus (which was as far away from the ex as I could get…literally!) doe-eyed and eager to start exploring. However, I never truly thought about how being so far away from my ex also meant I was so far away from my support system at home.

I quickly became overwhelmed and damned myself that he still lingered in my thoughts!! Could I really be doing everything I ever wanted to do and still be thinking (crying) about him? Why wasn’t this transformation into a happy independent woman immediate with every new landscape I laid my eyes on?!

Although the process to becoming a happier and more independent woman was talking longer than I expected (more than the first 5 minutes after landing), there were many tips and tricks that helped me handle each day with better attitudes and peace of mind.

Here are just a few of the essentials:

Getting Over Your Ex Abroad

1. Read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

You will feel invincible, inspired, and strong with every passing page…I guarantee it! (Or if you’d prefer it, watch the movie!)

2. Write in a journal EVERYDAY.

Don’t be afraid to gush about the ex. This way you can express your feelings, all the while watching how those feelings change (and hopefully diminish) with each passing day! This should be a boost of confidence that everything gets a little easier with time.

3. Get involved and stay busy in your new surroundings.

Try things that you’ve never done before. Create a new and updated version of you! A busy body and mind leaves little room for break-up depression and not to mention a new and more confident you only attracts new and more confident partners 😉

4. Realize you are currently experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity for YOURSELF.

This time is for YOU and you only (How exciting is that?!) It is a time to finally be selfish and not get in trouble for it!!

5. Be mindful that breakups take time.

It is only natural to go through pain and anger and a psychotic amount of other emotions…but if it’s bound to happen…isn’t it better to do it with a pretty view?

6. Live this: “ Breathe in, breathe out, move on”- Jimmy Buffett

(Every baby step gets you closer to the finish line.)

7. Seriously, if I can do it so can you!

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  1. Linda
    January 26, 2013

    What a great article!!!! I really found this to be helpful and what a great picture!!!

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