3 Delicious Czech Foods to Try

July 30, 2014
3 Delicious Czech Foods to Try

Before I left for the Czech Republic, everybody was telling me how beautiful it was, and how I should check out all of the museums and monuments but nothing was said about Czech food. So, when I arrived in Prague with one of my very best friends and we tasted our first Czech dish, we were pleasantly surprised!

We experienced everything from authentic Czech Pilsner to the local delicacy of fried cheese, and ate our fill many times without shame. Considering that there are enough things to keep you busy in Prague from dawn until dusk, here are a few Czech foods that will keep you full and ready to rumble all day long:

3 Delicious Czech Foods to Try

1. Trdelnik – The Czech Cinnamon Bun

I was actually introduced to this local snack by a friend from France. We were wandering around the downtown catching up on old times when, all of a sudden, she dragged me over to a street food stall and said, “You have to try this!” Next thing I know I’m holding a strange dough roll thing covered in cinnamon and smelling like heaven in my hand.

What’s really interesting is how they’re made! Essentially a Trdelnik is dough about two-feet long rolled onto a wooden cylinder and roasted over coal. Even though it sounds tricky, it’s actually very tasty. After roasting for several minutes, the stall operator rolls the roasted dough in some cinnamon sugar, cuts it into sections and slides the sections off of the cylinder.

These delicious Czech snacks can be found through the streets of downtown Prague—and yes, the stall can be a bit of a tourist trap in terms of prices. The key is to wander around a bit first, and see where you can get the best price. Generally, the further away you are from the main touristy areas, the cheaper they get. The best way to eat these is get them while they’re fresh off the coal. This way they’re delightfully warm, they’re easy to pull apart and the inside is still doughy.

3 Delicious Czech Foods to Try

2. Smažený sýr – Cheese, Fried Cheese

On one of our first nights in Prague, we decided to treat ourselves to an authentic Czech meal. We had had quite a long day of walking, so we were famished by the time we arrived at the most quaint little pub outside of the Old Town Square. The moment my friend and I saw fried cheese on the menu, we knew we had a winner. Considering our tour guide had mentioned this dish was a must have – we dug right in.

Luckily for us, and our arteries, these bad boys weren’t deep fried. Generally the cheeses used for this recipe are a Czech cheese called Hermelín, or a Dutch variant called Edam. They’re breaded and fried in an iron skillet but a deep fryer can be used in a pinch.

One thing to note, however, is these cheeses are not incredibly strong. So if you’re normally in the market for a cheese similar to Roquefort, you’re going to be fresh out of luck. On the upside, if you do find the cheese bland, they generally come with a side of tartar sauce, or tatarská omácka in Czech.

3 Delicious Czech Foods to Try

3. Pilsner Urquell – It’s everywhere!

Maybe it’s not a food, but you can’t write about Czech food without mentioning Czech beer. Regardless that it is quite well known around the world, the Czechs love it even more at home. Generally whenever you walking into a bar or a pub, wherever you are in the Czech Republic, nine times out of 10, you’re going to find Pilsner Urquell there.

As a beer, it is quite yummy. Both beer novices and snobs can enjoy a good pint – as it has more hops than other. It goes down nicely with a typical Czech goulash, or even a plate of fried cheese!

Fun fact: Pilsner Urquell was the first pilsner ever created!

Prague has a well-deserved reputation for being a beautiful city. It melds antiquity with modernity, all the while having a colorful history. One thing that I would argue should get more airtime is the food because how else will you be able to fuel yourself to do everything in Prague?


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