A Journey to Dobbins Inn, Ireland

January 9, 2015
A Journey to Dobbins Inn, Ireland

Dobbins Inn, once known as Northern Ireland’s most haunted site, holds a special place in my heart. Dobbins Inn is the place where I first communicated with the spirits of my deceased parents. Both my parents died within two months of each other in 2005. I was stricken with grief from having lost two of my most precious family members.

I’m not sure what really led us to Ireland. I had never been to Ireland. I’m also not sure what it was that led us to start our paranormal spiritual journey. But now, after many years and lots of reflecting, I believe that it was my deceased parents’ spirits that led us to Ireland in order to discover the paranormal spiritual world.

As a young child, I grew up in a Christian Baptist home. My mother was a devout Christian. Upon his death-bed, my father finally accepted the Lord. As certain events developed in my life, I moved away from the Church and from God. Christians say, “I will watch over you!” and they mean this to be true even after they pass away from this earth.

My parents said these words to me. But I never believed them until now. Today, I believe that my deceased parents have truly watched over me.

Shortly after they died, my husband at the time started having an affair with a much younger woman. She was half his age. He had this ill-fated affair for five years. He gave the woman a ton of money.

At the time, we were new to the paranormal world and did not understand what the spirits were telling us. They were afraid. The spirits kept coming to us for help.

When he was running out of money and it looked like my situation was becoming dangerous for me, my parents’ spirits woke up from their long sleep and rescued me. The spirits of my parents’ love transcended all barriers and came forward to help me in my time of need, my darkest despair. They were my guardian angels, my fairy parents.
They wanted me to know what my ex-husband was doing to me. They created things in the universe to occur that opened the doors for me to find out my ex-husband’s dastardly plot. I was able to thwart his evil plot. They saved me.

At the time, I was so devastated that I wanted to commit suicide. Every time I was at my lowest, the spirits of my parents and my children showed me how much they loved me. Their love prevented me from committing suicide.

Through this journey into the paranormal world, we found out that we have quadruplets on the Other Side. We have one living son, Daniel. He was a quintuplet. We had gone through in vitro fertilization in order to get pregnant. I was pregnant with twins but miscarried the twin.

This deceased twin, who we now call David, started showing himself to Daniel while Daniel was in fourth grade. Daniel was not afraid. Somehow, he knew this ghostly spirit was his brother. He could sense it.

Daniel is the gifted one. We believe it’s because of his close connection to his quadruplet-siblings. He can see and hear apparitions easily. You know how close twins are. This is the same with quadruplets, except four times as much.

A Journey to Dobbins Inn, Ireland.

We went to Ireland eight times in one year to learn how to communicate with the spirits. Though Dobbins Inn was once noted as Northern Ireland’s most haunted places, I believe that today it is no longer haunted.

The Northern Ireland government decided to modernize the streets of Carrickfergus, Ireland. In doing so, we believe that they disturbed the vortex – the magnetic energy force that spirits need to manifest– and in disturbing the vortex, the vortex either closed up or moved away.

When we were there last, we did not get much spiritual activity. We hope that the spirits are still there. I hope to return to Dobbins someday and call forth all of the spirits that we met and loved there.

We met the original owners of Dobbins Inn– the Dobbins family spirits from the 12th century. We even met the second generation of the Dobbins ghostly family. We met many ghostly famous people and ghostly spirits. We met the ghostly passengers from the doomed ship, Titanic. We met many ghostly historians from Carrickfergus.

All of these spirits were kind to us. We encountered no evil spirits. That’s why I believe now that God was protecting us from the evil spirits. Many people have told me since that it was God that allowed us to talk to these spirits.

At the time, we were new to the paranormal world and did not understand what the spirits were telling us. They were afraid. The spirits kept coming to us for help. Originally, we thought they had to have their structure, their physical home, in order to manifest.

Because the inn could never be destroyed, we thought the spirits would be saved. The spirits were all afraid and clamoring to us for our help.

We found out from the new owners, Maureen and Derek Fallis, that the inn could never be destroyed because it was a historic landmark and was considered sacred to Ireland. The Fallises, the owners of the inn for over 40 years, have never felt a ghostly spirit in their inn. Anne Marie and Betty, who have worked for the Fallises for over almost 30 years and 27 years respectively, have never felt a ghostly-spirit at the inn.

Because the inn could never be destroyed, we thought the spirits would be saved. The spirits were all afraid and clamoring to us for our help. We truly believed that they would all be all right. The spirits kept telling us that the construction crew was going to flatten the streets. We thought they were talking about the inn.

But we now see what they were talking about. I sincerely regret that I did not truly understand their plight. But I’m not sure that we could have helped them. I am not a citizen of Ireland. I don’t think the city council members would have believed me if I asked them to stop the streets’ modernization.


A Journey to Dobbins Inn, Ireland, Top photo credit: Unsplash.


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