Hotel in Yunnan, China: Linden Centre

May 18, 2015

We stayed at the Linden Centre. It was beautiful. Located in Xizhou and situated in a courtyard surrounded by rice fields. Food was tasty and staff were accommodating and friendly. I wish we could have had a bit more time in Xizhou it was one of our favorite “undiscovered villages.”

Hotel in Yunnan, China: Linden Centre

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How I Survived a Visit to a Chinese Hospital

I am not a prima donna. If I were I would have sent that warm salad I was served on Saturday night back to the kitchen. Instead I ate it and got food poisoning and have been eating a B.R.A.T. (bread, rice, apples, tea) diet since. I didn’t send my warm Greek salad back to the kitchen because I didn’t want to hear those words come from my husband, “You are never happy with what you order.” But I took one for the team (me, myself and I), and for the first time in four years, I ended up at the International Clinic with food poisoning.

To enter the International Clinic, you must drive through security, where you are greeted by a guard on both sides of the car blowing smoke or garlic breath into the car, and then spitting up phlegm. You get out of the car in the parking lot at your own risk. Drivers are honking their horns at you because you are in their way trying to get into the hospital. Crossing guards are talking on their cell phones, smoking cigarettes, or spitting, and watching you fear for your life while trying to cross the street. Then you walk into the lobby, which wreaks of urinals.

This is great for someone with an upset stomach. Also in the lobby there is an open bathroom door policy for everyone to use, along with a very long row of ATMS and cashiers. There are more cashiers than there are patients.

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