Why I’m Going to India, Despite What Everyone Says

June 30, 2015
India Trip: Why I’m Going, Despite What Everyone Says

Like most travelers, my bucket list is constantly growing and I’m pretty sure if given the opportunity, there are very few countries I wouldn’t go to. Still, I have to prioritize the places I choose to visit each year in my limited vacation days, so this year when people asked me what the next place I wanted to visit was, they were shocked when I told them India. Usually the look of sheer fear in their eyes turns to “are you sure you want to go there?” or “why would you ever want to go there?”

If you would have asked me five years ago if I wanted to travel to India, I’d probably say no, but over the last few years I’ve traveled a lot more and really soaked up every little bit of greatness travel has to offer. My favourite part about traveling is how much it pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you. It forces you to do things that are out of your norm and experience things that you wouldn’t get to do in your own country, and that’s part of the reason why I’m so attracted to India.

Why I’m Going to India, Despite What Everyone Says.

Many people are intimidated by the chaos of a place like India, and those are the people who are often quickest to judge you for wanting to travel there. It seems to me that these people intimidate travelers more than the actual country. The more people you hear say, “Ah why do you want to go there?,” “Is it even safe?,” “I wouldn’t travel there if I were you, I saw [BLANK] on the news about it,” the more you start to question visiting there for yourself. Suddenly people who haven’t even visited the country are the ones giving you a sour taste about it.

Of course the biggest concern for most people, especially women travelers is the safety of females traveling alone there. But not only is staying safe a concern in almost any foreign destination, but in my own city of Toronto. So yes, I’m going to take necessary precautions. In fact, I’ve signed up for a tour through G Adventures instead of going solo, and, just as I prepare for my travels to any country, I’ll make sure I’m aware of any scams or things I should watch out for. A little research and common sense goes a long way!

I know that preparing to travel from Canada to India is going to be big. I know I’m going to have to mentally prepare myself, and that still probably won’t prevent me from experiencing culture shock during the first few days. For some people, that’s what turns them off and sounds unappealing. But to me, that’s what intrigues me.

Usually the look of sheer fear in their eyes turns to “are you sure you want to go there?” or “why would you ever want to go there?”

I believe that traveling to India will change me for the better. It will provide me with a wealth of travel experiences I won’t get elsewhere, and show me what India is really like so that I can throw away the preconceived perceptions and notions that the media and other people build up around the country. They tell you not to judge a person before you really get to know her, so why would you not give a country the chance to prove to you and show you everything it has to offer?

As travel blogger and writer, I’m constantly reading about other people’s adventures. Over the last year especially, it seems there have been a lot of tales of women’s adventures to India. Some people talk about how much they loved it, how it changed them, and how it was unlike any other place they’ve ever been, whereas others share how much they didn’t like it, and didn’t enjoy their time there. But with each post I read I’m more and more intrigued by this country.

My favourite part about traveling is how much it pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you. India Trip.

I want to see it for myself, let it take a toll on me, and develop my own opinion. I mean, a million people can visit the exact same place, and do the exact same things and each one could come out with their own opinions, so I want to create my own too. Maybe I will hate it, but imagine how beautiful it will be if I don’t? I don’t want to live my whole life wondering “what if” or not visiting a country based on other people’s perceptions.

I’m not going to India for a vacation. I’m going there for a trip, an experience, and to push my limits as a traveler. Don’t let other people alter your dreams, if you want to go somewhere. The only thing that should be stopping you is yourself!


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  1. July 2, 2015

    Nice post Lauren. I am absolutely agree with you to take your travel decision by your own. I don’t think so that India is not a safe place for women traveler. As I belong to India, I can say it with proud. If you want any travel tip regarding India, please let me know.

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