Living in Wales and Feeling Far from Home

December 10, 2018
Living in Wales and Feeling Far from Home

This weekend I took a day trip to Cardiff with a few friends. We spent most of the day walking around the bay, looking at the water and boats. It was super low-key, and probably the least stressful traveling I have done this semester. But, the whole time we were in Cardiff, the only thing I could really think about was how much I was missing everyone who wasn’t there.

I wasn’t missing the other people in my program; it was kind of nice to have a little break from them actually. But, I was seriously, hardcore missing people from my life back home. The whole day, I kept thinking how much my parents would love the bay, how much one friend would love the brewery we walked by, how much another friend would have loved all of the musicals and plays in the performance hall we toured. I wasn’t homesick exactly; I was people sick.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way. I don’t really think I’ve been homesick per se since I’ve arrived here. I’ve adjusted really well and am incredibly happy. But, I want to share all of my happiness and excitement with the people who know me so well. I’ve been so lucky to be able to travel so extensively here in Europe, and for the most part I’ve had good travel partners. But I wish I could share all of these experiences with the people that helped me get here in the first place.

Living in Wales and Feeling Far from Home

I’m seeing all of these beautiful cities and places and people and I want the people that I love most to have the same experiences I am. For as much as I like the people I’ve met here, and as much fun as I’ve had with them, we don’t know each other that well.

Sure, we’ve lived, learned, and traveled together these past three months, but these relationships are nothing like the ones I have with people back home that I’ve grown up with, that I’ve survived the good and bad of life with for years. It’s just not the same.

Next weekend, I’m going to spend a few days in London with a friend and her family. I told my parents these plans and they were so thrilled for me and listed a million and one things they think I should do while I’m in the city. The whole time we were talking though, all I could think about was how much I wish they were the ones I was traveling to London with. But, I guess that means I’ll just have to drag them here so they can have their own adventures.



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