Bare Breasts of Sitges

April 8, 2019
Bare Breasts of Sitges

Boobs, boobs, everywhere
How can one help but stare?

Hanging this way, flopping that way
Nipples free, they seize the day

Some are heavy,
Reach the belly

Some stand high –
Why be shy?

Large ones, small ones, it’s no matter
Teeny, tiny, or much fatter

Loose and saggy, perky, plastic
Unashamed, they’re quite fantastic

Swinging like a pendulum
Symbolizing life begun

Naked, nurturing little ones
They’re where all that milk comes from

Unassuming or confident
Drawing hungry eyes from gents

Mosquito bites or melons ripe
Bouncing left, landing right

Seductive and the source of life
Squeeze ‘em, suck ‘em, oh that’s nice

They’re our bodies, part of us
Like ‘em, hate ‘em, we give no fucks

Pointy nipples, juicy pink
Cracked and tired, providing drink

Unapologetically uneven
Seem inviting – may be deceiving!

Rounded, supple, taste delicious
Sharp like weapons, truly vicious

Maybe there’s something to going bare
Perhaps we’ll be treated with more care?

When they face the world head-on
They pronounce “I’m woman, strong!”

To stay hidden or to show all?
It’s up to us – it’s our call

Do they lose their sex appeal
Or do they become more real?

Not mere stuff of fantasy
More human now, some might say

Should this American learn from this
Might I be ready to be sun-kissed?

Just let’s remember to proudly wear ‘em
Whether we choose to clothe ‘em or bare ‘em



Bare Breasts of Sitges

About Melissa Schreiber

I think the first word I ever uttered was probably not just a word, but a story. I live to tell stories. Since my friends don’t necessary live to hear them (I’m sure their brains have sent mine telepathic “Shut up!” messages more than once), I write. Combining writing with my thirst for adventure and travel? That’s the dream. Born and raised in Boston, I moved to Israel right after graduating from college in New York, and have never looked back.

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