A Soul Awakening on Mexico’s Isla Mujeres

July 15, 2021
A Soul Awakening

About a month ago, I took my first international trip since the pandemic. In fact, it had been almost three years since I traveled internationally, and my heart and soul were being called back to Mexico.

I booked my flight and my bungalow, and I overcame every doubt or resistance I felt about going. In fact, I arrived at the airport and was hit again by the reality of the pandemic and its effect on how we travel. I enjoyed the experience though, I always love the journey and going with the flow. My flight landed in Mexico and I felt like I was received, welcome, and I had a sensation of coming home, as I made my way to the island the feeling expanded.

It was amazing just filling out an immigration card and hearing my passport get stamped; that feeling of crossing the threshold out of the airport into a new country and not knowing what will happen is so invigorating for me. I thrive in this “culture shock”. My soul began to wake up.

A Soul Awakening in Mexico

My soul began to wake up.

I arrived on the island and went straight to my friend and I told her that I feel like I’ve come home. I could feel the stress and tension melt away into the sand and sea. I was reacquainting myself with my soul. I hadn’t fully realized how much the pandemic and other life experiences had dulled my glow and now I was feeling like I was having an awakening and coming back to my true self but simultaneously meeting the new me, the post-pandemic version of myself and I was starting a new chapter.

Three days after I arrived, I met a Mexican family and through our time together on the beach I realized that I was going to move to Isla Mujeres. It was a deep knowing and I said it out loud and surprised myself but at the same time I wasn’t surprised. The first time I came here, I felt at home and so inspired to write, and I didn’t want to leave.

I was doing some yoga and meditation on the beach and I said out loud, “universe, I am ready”. The next day, I met a group of friends that felt like my soul tribe and things continued to unfold. I was seeing how much abundance and support existed around me and I began to feel confident in my decision to move to ISLA.

I had to go back to Colorado for some business and I could feel that I was transitioning out of living in Colorado and into my next chapter in Mexico. When I was with my friends and family, I felt that the time was so precious. My heart and soul were being called back to ISLA for so many reasons. To be in the culture, to feel that inspiration to finish writing my book, to let the experience unfold for me and to explore what this deep calling I have is going to bring to my life. I had to take the leap.

I had to take the leap.

The decision was made and now I just had to navigate the decision in the best way possible to have a balanced transition. I have lived in 9 countries, Mexico is now number 10, and there’s always a mixture of excitement and turbulence. I started to look a visa requirement, purchase resources to help with learning Spanish, talking to friends about my decision, and it all became real and felt so supported. I had no choice but to listen to my heart and go. This was the same with every other country, I just had to overcome every bit of doubt and fear and take the leap!

Awakening in Mexico

Soul awakenings sound so enticing and they are.

Soul awakenings sound so enticing and they are. They are such an important component to self-growth and evolution, but they are not easy to say the least. As I sit here writing, I am back on the island and I overwhelmed with happiness and I feel so proud of myself, now I just had to keep showing up and keep listening to my heart and soul.

A Soul Awakening in Mexico


Photo credits by Stacy K Dixon. 

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