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As More Women Travel Overseas, Pink Pangea Launches 
Travel Writing Workshops in Cities across the United States

New York – December 10, 2013 – Pink Pangea, the community for women travelers, is launching travel writing workshops in a dozen cities across the US to enable more women to share their global travel experiences with each other.

Each workshop will include an opportunity for women to read and learn from some of the best travel essays written by contemporary women travelers. Workshop participants will discuss their own unique travel experiences and challenges and receive instruction on capturing, in their own writing, the sights, sounds, trials and tribulations of their journeys.

Founded in 2010, Pink Pangea has posted the insights of such renown thought-leaders as Maureen Dowd, the Pulitzer-Prize-winning New York Times columnist; Alison Teal, Discovery Channel travel star; and Evelyn Hannon, CEO of Journeywoman, an important resource for women travelers.

Pink Pangea has also enabled many other women, from all walks of life, to share their treks across the continents, including Peace Corps volunteers, Fulbright scholars, Clinton fellows, study abroad students, vacationers and expats with children in tow.

The workshops will take place on campuses and in women’s groups throughout the United States. The course outline will be based on Pink Pangea’s highly successful travel writing pilot workshop earlier this year.

Pink Pangea Co-founder Jaclyn Mishal, who previously worked in the travel industry in New York and has participated in writing workshops in Assisi, Italy, Tel Aviv, Israel, and on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, will run the travel writing workshops in the United States.

“This is an exciting time for women travelers to experience the world’s diverse cultures,” said Ms. Mishal. “Being able to convey where they were, what they saw and how they felt will enable women to share their adventures with other women, and inspire one another to explore the world.”

In 2012, about 14.1 million U.S. women traveled the world, a 3 percent increase over the number of women travelers in 2011, according to the US Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.

And as women increasingly step out to explore the world, they not only need a reliable space to help them navigate the globe — wisely and safely— but they also yearn to share their inspiring experiences and challenges.

Today, Pink Pangea is the go-to space for tips and pointers and for mesmerizing accounts of global adventures. Hundreds of women contribute and read Pink Pangea, making it a fast-growing travel community for women. Essays have encompassed stories about fulfilling travel while providing a dose of advice on such issues as ensuring personal security, safely couchsurfing, accessing birth control refills, coping with harassment, hitchhiking, and dressing modestly. Pink Pangea writers travel the globe — from Austria to Zimbabwe.

“Pink Pangea enabled me to record my stories and share them with a community of travelers who may benefit from my findings,” said Monika Lutz, a Pink Pangea contributor, who recently published Now What?, a memoir about her international gap year experiences. “Pink Pangea’s editor also worked with me to better my writing so that I developed skills that benefited me after the memories faded.”

Rachel Sales
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