Beauty Secrets I Learned from Gorgeous Spanish Women

October 20, 2014
Beauty Secrets I Learned from Gorgeous Spanish Women

pink pangea foreign correspondentWhat an amazing experience it is to be a traveling woman! Besides gaining open-mindedness and knowledge, one can easily gain a collection of her own little tricks from the locals.

The list I am going to share with you was inspired by my Spanish teacher, who in her 30s looked no older than 18. Unfortunately, today I have no pictures of her, however, her beautiful young face is hard to forget. Being originally from the Southern part of the country, where the sun is the most active and where I once totally burnt myself (so that I had to peel off two layers of my skin!), I could hardly believe she managed to keep her beauty fresh. What was her secret? I will tell you below.

Spanish women are always associated with brightness – be it a passionate Carmen or Penelope Cruz’s inadequate heroine from Vicky Christina Barcelona, killing her loving husband, Javier Bardem. In fact, they are written from the reality. Those are real women, with a real appearance.

In Spain, you will hardly see a woman dressed brightly, but you will see bright women everywhere. Their brightness lies in the natural color of their skin, well-groomed hair and excellent posture, which they gain through dancing and constant bicycle riding.

In Spain, you will hardly see a woman dressed brightly, but you will see bright women everywhere. Their brightness lies in the natural color of their skin, well-groomed hair and excellent posture, which they gain through dancing and constant bicycle riding. There is a superstition that a traditional figure of Spanish women is exceedingly feminine, i.e. is all curves. However, that more true about Latin American girls, as Spanish women are indeed skinnier.

The same can be said about tanning. The Spanish are not in a hurry to get darker, visiting the sea coast only for relaxation. They think, why do you need to spend your time on something that you can easily get whenever you want?! Also, wise Spaniards know that the sun is the main cause of aging and skin cancer, and never mess with it.

Here are Spanish women’s main tips for self-care:

Beauty Secrets I Learned from Gorgeous Spanish Women

1. Drink warm water

Yes, it must be warm! In Spain, as in any Southern country, it is as easy as ABC for your body to absorb water, and it is harder to stay hydrated. Spanish women advise drinking at least one glass of warm water a day, as it stimulates better blood circulation and does not require energy from your body to heat it.

2. Mediterranean diet

For me, a lot of Spanish dishes, like paella and tortilla are too heavy for the stomach. The story is different, however, with bare “sea gifts,” cooked with olive oil. Spain is a universally recognized cradle of great sea food, which is packed with minerals, vitamins and fish oils–the mixture for preventing a heart attack, a danger of excess weight and many other unpleasant things humanity is suffering from due to fast food.

3. Fruits on a daily basis

When, once upon a time, staying at Barcelona’s Rambla, I used to go to La Boquería market every morning to buy and have breakfast with the most exotic fruits, as do many Spanish beauties. They know that Vitamin C and A are essential to preserve velvet skin, thus choosing the right fruits. Mango is a weighty antioxidant, full of Vitamin A, C, E and B6. Spanish papaya contains even more vitamin C, giving in to mango only in respect of Vitamin A. pomegranate is one more popular fruit in Spain, providing soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and rich with vitamins B1, B2, B6, etc.

4. Olive oil

I already mentioned in my previous post, that Spain was the first olive oil exporter in the world. Being the healthiest fat of the earth, it is a sort of national pride there. Spanish women use it in all spheres of life – starting with cooking and finishing with using it as a massage oil. In fact, Spanish women love the all natural, using warmed olive oil as a foundation for masks of any type – both for the skin and hair.

5. Citrus

In many Spanish cities you can come across streets edged by orange trees, like Avenguida de las naranjas in Valencia, – they might be literally everywhere, and of course, Spanish women know how to get every single benefit from them (not from the ones growing on the road though). Besides the fact that citrus sauces and juices are the best accompaniment for the seafood, applying fresh lemon juice on your skin blanches it from an undesired tan, as well as narrows pores.

6. Sea vs sun

gorgeous spanish women
Spanish women know to protect themselves from the sun.

Locals know that staying in the sea gives you massive relaxation, and sea salt in a natural scrub for the skin. However, they know that you don’t mess with the sun. Natives somehow have an inborn skin resistance to it, being able to get tanned even during a siesta! However, local women mostly try to stay away from it. I rarely saw Iberian women use excessive cosmetics. If they do, they usually use a very light watery foundation containing SPF 25 – to only protect their beautiful faces from the sun and thus delay aging.

7. Sexy dances

These include the native Spanish flamenco and Afro-Caribbean salsa, absorbed by the Spanish as if it were their own. After just one class of hot salsa or flamenco, you will feel your shoulders straighten and your posture even out. After two or three classes you will see your walk becoming sexier than ever. After 10-15 classes your figure will be as feminine and elastic as Dita von Teese’s.

Spanish women love taking care of themselves mostly from the inside – that might be the main reason for their energy and passion. Love yourselves as they do, and you will naturally become beautiful and energetic.

Beauty Secrets I Learned from Gorgeous Spanish Women

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  1. Ema Trinidad
    March 4, 2016

    Alisa, I liked the way you wrote this piece. Indeed the right approach to being healthy and beautiful is holistic. That’s exactly what you have written here. My grandfather is Spanish. I hope I have inherited some of the good Spanish genes. Would love to read more of your articles….

    • Alisa Fazleeva
      March 4, 2016

      Ema, I am really happy if you liked this piece 🙂
      Spanish genes are a powerful tool in life, you are lucky 😉
      Well, my next trip will be Portugal and I will try my best not to disappoint 🙂

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