When You’re Traveling to Mexico, Do Not Make These Mistakes

November 7, 2014
If You're Traveling to Mexico, Do Not Make These Mistakes

Mexicans in general are very happy-go-lucky. We’re friendly, polite, welcoming and fun to be around. However, we can be extremely prideful and stubborn, and if you make us mad we can hold on grudges. So if you’re traveling to Mexico, please don’t make these mistakes.

Mexico Travel: If You’re Traveling to Mexico, Do Not Make These Mistakes

1. Reminding us how unsafe and violent Mexico is and then make a sick joke about it.

Starting off a conversation with the “narco war” as a topic is a big no, no, no–especially if you’re being a jerk about it. It is an extremely delicate subject that brings us all down and makes us feel powerless. It hurts us and crushes our souls like you have no idea. So please, don’t make jokes about how bad it is. This isn’t entirely true; safe cities vary by region and there are incredible places you should totally visit and you’ll be just fine.

Violence does NOT represent Mexico.

2. Assume our main way of transportation is donkeys and we wear giant sombreros and ponchos as a fashion statement.

Thanks again, Hollywood for stereotyping prehistoric customs and representing Mexico as an undeveloped country with no fashion sense.

3. Tell us that we drink too much tequila and only eat tacos.

Ok, that one you can have. And you know what’s even better? Eating late night street tacos after too many tequila shots.

4. Act surprised that not all Mexicans are short and dark-skinned.

There are numerous times when people from abroad have told me that I don’t look Mexican. So since I’m white as snow, apparently I’m not Mexican enough. Well let me break it down for you: Mexico was colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese, so aside from ethnic groups, we are a population of European descendants.

That’s the beauty of our country: no matter the color of our skin, we are all proud to be Mexicans.

5. You love Cancun and Baja.

Cancun and Baja are beautiful beaches to unwind and have a good time. However, they are  overpriced and Americanized, meaning tourists will only stay at all inclusive resorts and eat at well-known international chain restaurants.

It also annoys us that spring breakers trash hotels and make fools of themselves since they can’t behave in such way in their own country. So please don’t ever start a conversation telling us how much you love Baja and/or Cancun for these reasons.

Be ballsy and travel to another beach for a change, and for once leave the resort; you’re missing the real thing.

6. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Seriously, why do people keep celebrating this date? It is just another example of a very well done marketing ploy to encourage consumerism. Do you even know what happened during Cinco de Mayo? Yeah I thought so. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the battle between Mexicans and the French Army in the city of Puebla.

This date may be marked on our historic calendar but we just don’t celebrate it. It really grinds our loins when our Facebook homepage is bursting with foreigners wearing giant sombreros with the “Feliz Cinco de Mayo” caption.

If you really want to experience and commemorate a national holiday, come down for September 16th, our Independence Day. We’ll show you how Mexicans really celebrate.

If You're Traveling to Mexico, Do Not Make These Mistakes

Mexico Travel: If You’re Traveling to Mexico, Do Not Make These Mistakes

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  1. No no
    February 3, 2015

    *Puke* One more brown, indian-looking Mexican who claims that people say “she doesn’t look Mexican” to pretend to be above the average-looking Mexican. You need a mirror. Plus… Mexico colonized by the PORTUGUESE??? Mexico “a population of European descendants”??? You are clearly delusional. You’re probably one of those who act all insulted when someone points out how poor many Mexicans are and reply with a wise and prideful “Well Carlos Slim is the world’s richest man, and he’s Mexican”.

  2. December 13, 2014

    Thank you for this “inside” reminder for us travellers.

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