Bermuda Travel Tips: Julia’s Take on Health, Safety and Romance

September 8, 2015
Bermuda Travel Tips: Julia's Take on Health, Safety and Romance

Traveling to Bermuda? Julia Markham presents her Bermuda travel tips about health, romance, women’s rights and safety:

Bermuda Travel Tips: Health Information

Feminine Hygienic Products in Bermuda: What’s available/what’s legal/where to buy them?

Every grocery store and pharmacy in Bermuda stocks a decent range of feminine hygienic products–mostly American brands but also some from Europe. Tampons are sold both with and without applicators, as are all types of pads. Prices vary by store, but Bermuda is expensive compared to most places so I advise bringing your own supply if visiting the island.

Birth Control in Bermuda: What’s available/what’s legal/where to buy them?

Condoms and birth control pills can be purchased in every pharmacy. Condoms are also widely sold in gas stations and grocery stores. Other forms of birth control can be obtained from the woman’s health clinic or any private doctor. These include, but are not limited to the morning after pill, birth control injection, and female condoms.

Gynecologists in Bermuda: Are there any that you recommend? How, if at all, is a visit different from at home?

Bermuda has some great gynecologists if the need arises for one during your travels. Contact the local woman’s health clinic next to People’s Pharmacy in the city of Hamilton for further information.

Breastfeeding in Bermuda: What are accepted places for women to breastfeed? Is it accepted to do so in public?

Generally speaking, it’s considered acceptable in public. The only places I think that someone might say something would be in a fine dining scene, where many places don’t cater to people with children.

Bermuda Travel Tips: Romance

Dating Locals in Bermuda: What are the norms and traditions? What should women look out for?

Dating in Bermuda is like dating in no other country. It’s very normal for guys to take girls out for drinks in town and maybe even dinner if he’s a keeper. The dating scene revolves around alcohol and clubs for the most part. Ladies should be wary of random guys buying them lots of drinks. A gentleman will buy you one or two and attempt good conversation, while a man with bad intentions in Bermudian culture will try to get you trashed.

Types of Bermudian Men: Describe a few “typical” types of men.

The IB Guy: the expat re-insurance agent or lawyer type, who is always dressed for the office, sips expensive drinks and always has his blackberry out. He can be fun or very stuck up depending on his personality.

Town Rats: the guys you always see in the bars, who are constantly buying girls drinks. You never really know what they do for a living but they always seem to be drinking.

Sports Fans: there are two types, die-hard football (soccer) fans and golfers. The golfers are similar and sometimes interchangeable with the IB guys. The football fans are easy to pick out. They generally sport their team’s jersey (occasionally tattoos as well), and are typically easy going. They enjoy good banter over a game and a few beers, as well as a game of beer pong.

Is Bermuda LGBTQ-friendly?

Yes and no. Church goers and old-fashioned people are not very LGBTQ-friendly. But, the majority of the population is very open-minded and tolerant of people’s lifestyles.

Bermuda Travel Tips: Women’s Place in Society

Women’s Rights in Bermuda: Do women have the same position in society as men? How can you tell?

It’s getting there, with considerable progress in the past 10 years

Local Bermudian Women: What are some clear cultural differences between you and them?

They can be a very tight-knit community and it’s sometimes hard for someone not from the island to penetrate a local friends’ group. But once you’re in, they love you. They have a very small island mentality…. everyone knows everyone and everything going on in each other’s lives.

Women-Specific Environments in Bermuda: Are there places where only women are or are not allowed?

Not really, except for the Masonic Lodge, which is male-only unless it’s hosting a female-friendly event.

Perception of Foreign Women in Bermuda: How do local Bermudian men/women react to you when you say where you’re from?

It’s very acceptable and common. There are lots of expat workers here, including females in hospitality and the beauty industry as well as those who work in international business.

Bermuda Travel Tips: Safety

Transportation in Bermuda: Any that are safer/less safe for women to take?

All modes of transportation are very safe in Bermuda.

Dangerous area/s: in Bermuda Any specifically for women?

I can’t think of anywhere dangerous, but don’t hang out by yourself after the night clubs in town at 4 AM. Aside from that, just use common sense.

Clothing in Bermuda: What to wear/what not to wear?

Most of the time, it’s hot in Bermuda. Wear summer clothes. In the winter, bring jeans and a hoody. It doesn’t get very cold.


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