Cafe Klatsch: A German Café Where Everyone’s Welcome

October 7, 2015
Cafe Klatsch: A German Café Where Everyone's Welcome

In the northwest of Frankfurt, Germany, there is a beautiful town called Oberursel, with around 45,000 inhabitants. I was lucky enough to call this historical town home for a year.

Countless memories come to mind as I try to recreate my journey there. I can almost feel the cobblestone streets under my feet. I had planned to explore every corner of town and thankfully, I had plenty of time to appreciate everything that Oberursel had to offer–including the local hospitality, the beautiful German architecture and, of course, the delicious gastronomy!

Anyone could go to Cafe Klatsch and find something to identify with!

Among the many historic buildings along the pedestrian street is one that hosts an amazing coffee shop: Cafe Klatsch. I first heard about this café when Gabbi, my Australian friend, asked me on a cold winter day if I had ever tried their hot chocolate. By that time, Gabbi had been living in Oberursel for nine months so I trusted her recommendation.  Since the weather outside was around -10 Celsius, we decided head there in order to warm up a bit.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Cafe Klatsch was the big entrance. I glanced around  while taking off my huge coat, and I realized how many people were there. “Whoa, this place has to be great!” I thought.

Almost every table was occupied and yet, the place did not have that uncomfortable crowded feeling. Everyone seemed to be into their conversations, which made it feel like every table was in its own bubble. The scene made the cafe’s name, “Klatsch,” which means gossip in German, feel very appropriate.

While reading the menu and talking to Gabbi, I started to feel as comfortable as if I had been there a million times before. When the waitress came to take our order the words, I said the words that I would repeat throughout the winter, “Heisse Schokolade mit sahne bitte” (Hot chocolate with whipped cream, please).

Cafe Klatsch: A German Café Where Everyone’s Welcome.

As I waited for the hot chocolate, I contemplated the details of the cafe, and found that not only was the place cozy, it was also extremely charming! The walls were covered in hundreds of different frames; there were modern frames and antique frames filled with both new and old pictures! Representing so many time periods, styles and personalities, they made me think about how beautiful diversity can be. Anyone could go to Cafe Klatsch and find something to identify with.

The hot chocolate was as good as I expected, which is why I continued to order it over the next couple of months. A week after Gabbi returned home, a new Australian girl arrived in town. I introduced her to the cafe, just as Gabbi  had done for me, and she promised that she would continue the tradition. Once summer arrived, we finally stopped ordering hot chocolate and instead, chose seats on the balcony, and drank lemonade or ate ice cream instead.

A week after Gabbi returned home, a new Australian girl arrived in town. I introduced her to the cafe, just as Gabbi  had done for me, and she promised that she would continue the tradition.

After a while, we found out that Cafe Klatsch Oberursel was not the only location. In fact, there were a couple more in some nearby towns, some of which I was able to visit. Although the decor and menu were always similar, the atmospheres were completely different.

There was something particularly enchanting about the one in Oberursel that won my heart. If you visit Oberursel, I recommend stopping by!


Photo credit by unsplash.

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