A Sense Of Freedom

April 15, 2016
A sense of freedom.

On the bridge between presence and poetry, I look around and there is nothing I am familiar with. Everything strange and open to the senses.

A woman approaches, her clothes loose and shimmery. I am not sure she is heading my way. I turn toward her and she walks right through me. A breeze between us. A hint of lavender in the air. And I am still on this bridge of unfamiliar.

The water is rough below a sea of questions and conversations. I begin to walk, at least I think I am walking. There is nothing to see in the distance. Everything is here, all around me and my body knows it. A voice shatters what could have been called silence. This is the dream realized.

You thought it was somewhere to go, you thought it would be like a beach in a movie or a city in a travel brochure. This is your freedom. Sense it, know it. Breathe it in.


Photo by Unsplash. 

About Ahava Shira

Ahava Shira, PhD, is a writer, performer, creative mentor and founder of the Centre for Loving Inquiry. Her innovative retreats and mentorship programs support women to develop confidence, cultivate self-compassion and access their creative power. Author of the poetry book, Weaving Of My Being, a spoken Word CD, Love is Like This and co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journalling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection, Ahava mentors writers ages 12-80 on a magical island on the West Coast of Canada, filled with farmers, foodies and creative artisans of all kinds.

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