A Music-Themed Trip to Hollywood

June 16, 2016
A Music-Themed Trip to Hollywood

I travel very often by myself and have done so most of my life. I have traveled all over the world. Visiting the Strip in Hollywood always feels like I have arrived home. The place is so very welcoming with its music scene, beaches, weather, friendly smiling people, shopping of course, and attractions.

The first time I came here from Alberta, Canada, the people surprised me with their genuine love for life. I found them to be very helpful and happy. My most recent trip to Hollywood was all about music. Often, I will plan a themed trip to make my travels both more interesting and challenging. This makes planning the day of the trip more exciting for me.

As a mature woman, I quickly learned that Hollywood’s venues are full of people my age.

One of my first stops on the trip was a visit to Amoeba, a music store paradise. If you drop by, be prepared to spend quite a few hours in the store browsing for your treasures. I have never left Amoeba without finding that one obscure or out-of-print CD. Amoeba offers the largest music selection I have ever seen, as well as live music!

The main focus of this music-themed visit to Los Angeles was a live show featuring Spraygun War with Josh Todd and Stevie D at Forgotten Saints LA. My VIP pass includes a t-shirt, meet and greet with the band, a signed EP and a guarantee of an amazing performance.

Walking in the door, I arrived just in time to be greeted with a warm hug from singer Josh and am reminded once again of the warmth that these people have. The love that oozes form the City of Angels is always astonishing to me. Stevie D and Josh gladly sign my t-shirt for me and the party begins.

As a mature woman, I quickly learned that Hollywood’s venues are full of people my age and that if I were to choose to go out and listen to live music, the strip would be one of my top places I would head to because of this fact.

A Music-Themed Trip to Hollywood.

In my home town, there have been times where I want to go out to listen to live music and have ended up being the older person in the crowd. I definitely feel more comfortable on the strip in Hollywood for this reason. I have always had an amazing time here checking out the music scene and recommend a trip like this for anyone.

Hollywood surprised me yet again when my encounters with the opposite sex were very heathy indeed. In my opinion, the men who live here are so very genuine with their compliments and simply say what is on their mind and continue on their way. To be stopped by a complete stranger and be told you are beautiful in such a pleasant way can truly lift your spirits and completely make your day.

themed trip

Of course, planning a trip to Los Angeles does involve figuring out logistics, and I always choose to rent a car when I come here. Some tips to driving in Los Angeles are great to know; the drivers here tend to go through the yellow lights and be vary aware that some are still traveling through the yellow and into their red. My suggestion if you choose to drive is to remain very alert, and using a GPS certainly doesn’t hurt!

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to dress to your own comfort. I prefer to dress casually so that during my day I can do a lot of walking and even some light hiking in the parks. Because the weather is quite warm in the day the evenings can be a bit on the cool side. I bring along a beautiful scarf to wrap up in that is fashionable and very light to just roll up and put in your purse.

On my trips to Los Angeles, I feel that music here is very alive and is enjoyed by people of all ages. I definitely plan to visit again in the near future to enjoy all the diverse talent this city has to offer—not to mention the weather, the food, and the shopping. You cannot go wrong by traveling to Los Angeles.


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