Eastern Europe: Why I Can’t Stop Returning to the Wild East

October 16, 2016
Eastern Europe: Why I Can't Stop Returning to the Wild East

It all started with a trip to Prague in 2000. I was there with one of my favorite travel buddies, the vibe was vibrant yet low-key, and the American dollar was strong. It was 11 years after the fall of Communism and a palpable sense of discovery was felt by locals and travelers alike. It was then that I began my love affair with the Wild East.

Over the years, I returned to the Czech Republic and bordering countries, and over time, my wanderlust found me exploring areas further south. I’m fortunate to have made several trips to the region including my most recent trip to Montenegro in May. Eastern Europe offers all of the beauty, culture, and energy of more popular destinations in Western Europe but with fewer tourists and an added sense of discovery that comes when exploring countries that were behind the Iron Curtain and relatively closed off to foreigners for decades.

England, France, and Germany can be “saved” for later but the time for Eastern Europe is now!

Looking for fun times in a big city? Berlin or Budapest can satisfy that desire as well as Amsterdam or London. Wishing to escape to the mountains? Skip the crowds and expense of the Western European Alps and head to the Tatras in Slovakia and Poland, Triglav National Park in Slovenia and or Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. Is Romance on your mind? A dreamy holiday in Prague will leave you wondering why so many people fuss over Paris.

Eastern Europe: Why I Can’t Stop Returning to the Wild East

Communism/Socialism fell throughout Eastern Europe 20-25+ years ago and since then, the area has been in a constant state of transition. This is perhaps the biggest reason I keep going back. With more and more Westerns influences and foreign investors capitalizing on the relatively cheap cost of doing business there, the Wild East won’t be the same forever. England, France, and Germany can be “saved” for later but the time for Eastern Europe is now!

My most recent trip to Montenegro was stellar and helped me to fall in love with the Wild East all over again. I can’t wait go back!

Why I Can’t Stop Returning to the Wild East

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