How to Meet Sizzling Spanish Men

January 21, 2017
How to Meet Sizzling Spanish Men

Spain has it all…beautiful art and architecture, exciting all-night festivals, and men who are gentlemen and the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome! Whether you’re traveling to Spain to study, vacation, or work, if you’re in the market for meeting men–and even if you aren’t–it’s fun to meet the Spaniards. After all, they are all about the fun factor. Here are some tips for making sure that appealing Spanish men are part of your trip.

How to Meet Sizzling Spanish Men

Culture Counts

I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2008 with an International Media and Management major. This gave me the opportunity to study in Europe every summer semester during college. One term, I studied Spanish culture and business in Madrid. On a date with a native businessman, I mentioned some of the cultural insights I had been learning in my classes. He was quite impressed that I cared about his heritage and said, “All most travelers know about Spain is that the Spanish word ‘cerveza’ means ‘beer.’ They just come here to party and drink. We really appreciate meeting girls who want to learn about our country. It makes us want to show them the best time.” He definitely showed me the best time around the city. Thank you Spanish Culture 210!

From this experience and others, I learned how important it is to have some cultural knowledge of a European destination before landing. Plus, it’s always interesting to learn about other countries. This is why I included historical and cultural background on the twenty European countries covered in my book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men.

Crash Course on Spanish Culture

Guarantee: If you know the following facts, you should be able to lure in the Spanish men you really want to meet!

Most travelers know that Spaniards are all about celebrating and having fun, and the country has stunning art and architecture, and delicious cuisine, but why? Well, when the brutal dictator Franco died and Spain was freed from his grasp, this country was emancipated and for most the celebration has never stopped. With its strategic position abutting the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Strait of Gibraltar, Spain has a long rich history as a welcome crossroads among nations, and a leader in art, architecture, cuisine, and culture. This tradition, which was put on hold during Franco’s reign, has been in full swing ever since.

In Spain, Blondes Really Do Have More Fun

Spanish men are drawn to blondes. Now when I say blonde, don’t think that you have to bond with your hair bleach to quality for this category. Even subtle highlights will do the trick. My hair isn’t on the light end of the blonde spectrum. In fact, throughout my Vanderbilt years I was on the dance/cheer team, and there were so many platinum blondes that I was considered one of the few “brunettes.” In Spain, however, I was considered among the blondest of blondes.

If you do have dark hair, there are other countries where brunettes have the most fun. I have heard Swedish men say that they love girls with dark features, so if you are blessed with these looks, plan a trip to Sweden and get excited to be a man magnet.

Cross Dieting off Your Pre-Trip Preparations

Many women have sadly said that to attract men they feel that they first need to go on crash diets. Obviously looking your best always ups your attractiveness, but please don’t deprive yourself of food! Europe is so not the place for that. The cuisine is way too scrumptious.

While I was abroad, several European men confessed that although they liked women to look nice, a girl’s personality was more important to them than her physical features. I also learned that they want women to be carefree and fun. I have a girlfriend who was very self-conscious about her body before traveling to Spain. In the States, guys called her “homely” and she joked that she had hips made for child bearing.

Upon arriving in Spain, she decided she was going to shed herself of self-consciousness and have fun. She reasoned that if the Spaniards didn’t like her, well, she would be leaving soon and would likely never see them again. The opposite happened. With her new fun personality, she went from “homely” to “hot tamale” in the eyes of men. She was asked out by many male Europeans who had such nice bodies they could put Men’s Fitness models to shame! They weren’t just eye candy. They had great jobs and personalities, and treated my friend phenomenally.

Plan a trip to Europe. It is the perfect place to discover the best version of yourself. Then when you have to leave Europe, leave your old inhibitions too and bring your new, improved personality back home.

Katherine Chloé Cahoon


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