Touring Toronto’s Music History by Charter Tour Bus

January 1, 2019

Toronto boasts of being witness to some of the most iconic moments in musical history from John Lennon and The Plastic Onos Live Peace concert in 1969 to the recording of one of more transitional George Clinton and Funkadelic’s album “America eats its young”.

Toronto is also the birthplace of the legend of Alice Cooper biting a chicken’s head off. A city with a musical history this exciting and diverse is ideal for a group of music nerds or even non music nerds who want to spend their vacation discovering the joys of music and the history attached to it.

So, now that you have finalized a destination how do you plan the actual tour?

Choose your transport

Depending on how large or small your group is and whether you are up to driving them all around to your vacation destination you will need a different mode of transportation.

If you are traveling with a large group of more than thirty people then you should consider booking a charter bus. It makes travelling a lot cheaper and easier.

It also helps you escape the hassle of coordinating with several other vehicles about their estimated time of arrival. Toronto charter bus is a cheap and safe option. Book yours here.

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Musical Landmarks in Toronto

Once you have decided on a mode of transportation you can get started with an itinerary for your trip. Here are some iconic pieces of musical history littered through the city of Toronto that you should definitely visit.

Varsity Stadium

Usually a venue for collegiate sports events Varsity Stadium has also been witness to the iconic Live peace concert of 1969 where John Lennon performed with the Plastic Onos.  Ringo Starr said in an interview later that it was probably the day Lennon realised that he did not want to perform with the Beatles any longer.

It also witnessed the bizarre incident of Alice Cooper throwing a chick towards the crowd thinking it would fly (it later escalated into the infamous rumour of him biting the bird’s head off. A myth he allowed to flourish on the advice of Frank Zappa).

Prince’s Toronto Home

The megastar spent quite a bit of his time in his lavish mansion on the streets of the affluent Bridal Park neighbourhood after marrying his second wife Manuela Testolini.

Hundred Year Old Concert Hall

Toronto recently reopened one of its oldest concert halls dating back to 1918. The hall has seen Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, and the Beastie Boys perform in its 100 year long life.

Rehearsal Space of Rolling Stones

When preparing for their international Voodoo Lounge tour the band’s US visas expired. This made them to shift back to Toronto. They took over Crescent School, a boy’s private school in North York, to rehearse for the tour. In their time there the band made several customisations to a room they seemed their recreation room.

Winchester Kitchen and Bar

Like every other culturally rich city Toronto has a mix of popular and iconic locations and some very quirky and obscure ones. One of these is Winchester Kitchen and Bar.

Previously known as the Winchester Hotel this place used to be Al Capone’s favourite joint during the prohibition era. During that time the place hosted frequent burlesque performances and legendary jazz singers like Billie Holiday.

Book Tours

If you book your tour ahead of time not only does it save you more money but it also makes the travel a lot more convenient because it rids of the last minute stress of finding cheap hotels and transportation. It also gives you time to plan out the very last detail in your plan.

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